He’s On His Way!

MTC_dropoffHe’s off!! We just dropped Isaac off at The Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah! (He will train here for 6 weeks before heading to Argentina.)

It’s very hard to describe the feeling of the heart, many mixed emotions.

How to let him go for two years?? And yet, we wouldn’t want him any other place.

As we drove up to the MTC, the place for blocks was teeming with young men and women dressed for missionary work, some families and some MTC workers scattered between and around them, we beheld something glorious. ‘God’s Army’, Anna called it.

The light in their eyes, the joy in their smiles, their glowing countenances that welcomed Isaac with joyful greetings and met his sisters sobs of goodbye with compassionate understanding all demonstrated that indeed he was joining ‘God’s Army’.

As I watched Isaac, dressed in suit and tie, his missionary pack attached to his hip pulling his luggage beside him, disappear into that wonderful, strong, bright, clean crowd of missionaries my heart filled up with light and joy!

Our son, our big brother, a missionary!!!!

We are so immensely, forever proud of him!

And so here it begins, the tale of Isaac’s mission.

We will keep you posted.

Love, Isaac’s Family


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