Reassigned Layton – Letter 5

Dear Family,

   What a wonderful week it’s been!
   Tuesday: I had a wonderful lunch with Kristi and Calton! So wonderful to be able to see them and catch up and talk about missionary work. It was a little surreal, but it was really good. Camden seemed a little scared of me with a nametag on! I still don’t realize sometimes how close I am to where I grew up and how much family I have so close! It was weird being in our area and realizing how close it is to so many things. That night we had dinner with a great family. Dad, do you remember Eric Kofoed? He worked as a surg tech for Doctor Hoffmann at the U while you were there, and he said he’d recognize you if he saw you for sure. He works for Mako now, and he’s a sales rep for Doctor Hoffmann. Small world! It was fun talking to him about all the stuff you do, he said he’d mention you to Doctor Hoffmann. We also had a really great lesson with Talon, he’s so ready to get baptized! We taught him commandments and he’s super smart and remembered them all. Did Esther get to send him a letter yet?
   Wednesday: Wednesday night we stopped by Brother Curto from Argentina to talk to him, and we were standing on the doorstep talking about President Anderson (He’s amazing, always helping people and helping us and doing missionary work. I’ve never met anyone with so much energy!) and who opened the door but President Anderson, covered in drywall with a nail belt and he said “Elders, good, we need you.” We helped them with their project, their tore down a wall in Brother Curto’s home to make it more open and put up a new beam to support the ceiling. I hope to be able to be that service oriented, it seems like wherever we go we run into him serving someone. Wednesday night Kevin had his interview with our district leader. He obviously passed with flying colors, and he brought us some chicken from Popeye’s to boot!
   Thursday: We had district meeting all morning and an uneventful night other than dinner with one of our ward mission leaders. We’ve got a lot of great stuff picking up, we just need to get teaching more lessons!
  DSCN1030[1] Friday: It was HOT! It ended up being a good day, though, we got to talk to a lot of people and were well taken care of. Pray for Elena, we’re afraid that because she moved out of her grandma’s house that her baptism might fall through. We talked to Darlene a lot, and we’ve been working like crazy with the ward mission leader and her fellowshippers to make sure it all goes through alright.
   Saturday: We had dinner with the Kuehn’s, a recent convert family that moved in from New Mexico and all got baptized. They made us some reaaally spicy food, but it was good! They’re awesome, it was so cool to talk to them about their conversion story. They talked about how much they felt they had been led by the Spirit to move here and they’re getting ready to go to the temple this month. They even invited us to go, we’re so excited!!
   DSCN1031[1]Sunday:  Kevin was able to get baptized on Saturday, the Sunday fast and testimony meeting was incredible. Kevin was confirmed in the biggest confirmation circle I had ever seen before, and him and his wife and a few friends and relatives bore powerful testimonies regarding his baptism. The Spirit was so strong there, and I was overwhelmed just knowing how incredible the blessings are that have already come and the will come because of Kevin’s decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. We weren’t able to go to the baptism because it was out of our mission and Kevin only invited three or four people who weren’t his family, but we had our bishop take our cameras. I attached a picture of him with his family and him with his father in law and brother in law all in white (I think it’s them, don’t quote me though.) Apparently there were over sixty people at the baptism even with it being unannounced and at a river in Morgan, Utah. Good thing the stake didn’t know about it, otherwise it would have been the largest baptism in history! The ward and stake love Kevin so much, and it was so amazing to hear them speak of their love for him and for the Savior.
The week was awesome, and we’re looking forward to another wonderful week! Talon pushed back to the 21st so his family could be there, but Elena should still be good for Saturday. I love you all so much! Thank you for your continued support and letters, they mean the world to me.
Love, Elder HOffman

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