Argentina – Week 1

IMG_0127I´m HERE!! It´s still sinking in that I actually made it, it was the longest trip by far I´ve ever been on, and it was almost like a dream. This place is incredible, I love it to pieces! The people are wonderful, I can understand them pretty well for the most part, although sometimes they drop their s´s and I have to focus really hard. Castellano is absolutely beautiful, it´s very sing songy and fluid. Argentina is an eclectic mix of Italy, Germany, Spain, the United States, and a typical South or Central American country. The food is AMAZING. Like, I´ve had some amazing food in my life, but this is DELICIOUS. Our first meal in Argentina when we got to the Area Office in Buenos Aires was empanadas and all sorts of little meat and cheese pastries, they were absolutely delicious, as has been everything I´ve eaten since then. Our little branch is incredible, there are about fifty or so people there most of the time, and it is absolutely wonderful. The missionary work here is very different, it´s much more like the typical stereotype of missionary work than Salt Lake City was, but I love it. My companion is Elder Fernandez, a Chileno (Shout out to Calton, he looks and acts a lot like him except he´s Chileno instead of American). He´s pretty hard to understand a lot, Chileno´s talk reaaaally fast, but the good news is we´ve always been able to work out what the other is trying to say. I speak enough Spanish to hold fluent conversations with him all day, and I´m learning more really fast. The Argentinos and people from other countries in Sudamerica use lots of different words than the Mexicans, so that can be tricky sometimes, but other than that I can express what I need to, thankfully. As for my week, here goes:

Monday: Our last P^day as a companionship, we spent cleaning and getting the apartment ready for Elder Firpo´s new companion, then we went out and worked for the night. Mostly we tried to stop by a lot of the people we´d been working with to let them know I was leaving and that Elder Firpo was going to have a new compànion. It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone, but It was really cool to stop by a lot of people I couldn´t understand my first week and hold real conversations with them.

Tuesday: Spent the morning packing, cleaning, and getting things arranged to go to transfers to pick up Elder Firpos new companion, which we did at 4. We had dinner at 5 with Pres. Parreno, the second counselor in our branch from Peru, who is amazing at the piano and in medical school. It was kinda funny to see myself in Elder Arnold, Elder Firpos new companion. He doesn´t speak a lick of spanish, which brought me back to day one with Elder Firpo. At 6 we had our last lesson with Rosa, and Elder Firpo went with Hno. Gonzalez to teach someone else, so it was just me and Elder Arnold. It was good to know I could teach a full lesson pretty much by myself and resolve concerns and everything, and it was amazing to hear Elder Arnold who pretty much had no clue what was going on bear his humble testimony about the restoration in broken Spanish. I´m confident that our area is in great hands with Elder Firpo and him.

Wednesday: Ate with grandma and grandpa, (you guys are the best, it was wonderful!) and went to the airport. Our trip to Dallas was fine, it was awesome to be sitting next to Elder Bradford and remenisce and talk about the work we had done in Salt Lake and how excited we were for Bahia Blanca. Our trip to Buenos Aires was relatively normal, I slept the whole time. There we all met up with our whole MTC district minus the two in Colombia and Elder Watts who was in his area! IT was AWESOME to see them. We had an orientation, and then we went and caught the plane to Bahia Blanca. We had a short orientation by the APs, got to meet President, ate, and then went to the APs house to sleep.

Thursday and Friday: Had orientation all morning by the office elders, President and Sister Parreno (they are INCREDIBLE!!!) The best! and went to our areas. I had to wait till ten thirty at night for my bus, and I got to Necochea at 4 in the morning, crashed, woke up at 6:30, and we worked ALLLL day, it was AMAZING! (sounds sarcastic, but I´m serious! It was wonderful, though a little tiring)

Saturday: We had the baptism of Micaela, which was absolutely inspiring in so many ways. She has an incredibly strong testimony of the gospel, shes 17 or 18. The baptism fue incredible!


IMG_0132Sunday: in the morning, I was using the toilet and it broke, fell on the ground and spilled nasties all over our bathroom. We left it, went to church and almuerzo )lunch) which was wonderful! as all the food is here, and then after I had to clean it up and fix it. Thank you for all the late nights fixing hinodoros and whoknows what dad! Although they weren´t they best at the time, all those memories and skills are priceless now!

Sorry it´s been short and lacking in details on all the people! I´m going to try to send some pictures, but well see. Love you all! Besos! ç

Elder Hoffman

PS sorry for the mistypes, the keyboard is spanish…


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