Argentina – Week 2

Dear Family,

This week was great, again! I feel like I can understand and better understand the people here, and so I have more confidence. There were many times this week when I could feel the gift of tongues because they knew he was telling me or the people could understand, but through the power of God, was possible. We had many miracles this week, Elder Fernandez is the best! We pray every day for guidance from the Holy Spirit and every day, we do. One day, we were contacting to find more people, and played a white door. A woman opened the curtain and began to mourn, saying her husband died five days ago, the curtain was closed and left. We felt the Spirit so strong, and decided to leave the brochure the plan of salvation with her. Then we played again, and before she could say something testify that she can see her husband again through Jesus Christ, and can live as a family for eternity. She let us in, and we talked about the plan of salvation. When we return for another lesson on Friday, she read the brochure three times, and wanted to learn more. Also, she invited her friend, the wife of a newly converted, to attend the lesson. The two came to the chapel Sunday to church, and she said she liked very much! Yesterday, we felt we needed to go for the part of our area is far, everything is pitch, nothing more. But we went over there walking for 50 minutes, something like that. It was half past seven, and decided to walk to our board again, but decided to play a more port. A man came out and said that his wife’s mother died the day before, and allowed us to go to talk with him and his wife. They have had lessons before, but four or three years ago. They were very receptive, and we can not wait for more lessons with them.

Sunday was amazing. Our branch had a trip to the temple, and for the testimony meeting testified about families can be together forever. It was very powerful, especially because two of our investigators who were there recently had someone in your family died. Elder Fernandez and give us our testimonials too, this week we will start teaching members the message of the restoration, and we tell them we’re here to serve them and their families and friends who are not members. I’m very encouraged by this week. I love Argentina, my partner, my area, Castilian, invoices, EVERYTHING!

Monday: We had a lesson with Augustine, one of our researchers. Her mom just came out, and was a drug addict. We say that through Jesus Christ we can have the answers to our problems and find peace again. It was very powerful!

Tuesday: Elder Fernandez and I decided to have a goal: to buy a bill every day, and to post a note, address, name, and type of bill. Invoices are cakes more or less, sometimes half moons, so on, and are very rich. They are also very borate, as two or three dollars each. We also passed by a man named Carlos Laguilon, a man who has a butchery. He has read the entire Book of Mormon, twenty years ago. Every time we try to teach him, he begins to talk about the wars in Argentina, especially of Tierra del Fuego (not much about it, except that everyone has feelings about that war.) I can not understand it very well because it is a bit old, and there’s always music in your store. So he was trying to explain something about slingshots not know why, but he was trying to tell me about a slingshot. I did not know it was a slingshot, and I was trying to show her arms, and looks like a bow. The said, as they say in English?, And said “bow”. He said, (here’s they pronounce ll y’sy a shhh, then I = jshow) “So jow with bow, and the other with … etc..” It was so funny!

Wednesday: A dog bit about us, I saw a dead dog, and found Norma (the woman, his wife died). We very different missionary work here, but it’s good. It’s more like everyone thinks as missionary work. We talked to many people in the streets, and played many doors. Necochea is very cute, is a city on the beach, is more or less great, but there are many fields. It is very difficult to send pictures here, but I’ll try to send some.

Thursday: By contacting contacting contacting. We will try to find different ways to find new investigators, because usually contacting is not very effective here. People are not very open to listen, especially on the street.

Friday: We had our lesson with Norma, look above for details (:

Saturday: We were trying to find people with baptismal dates to nsure that they were going to the chapel on Sunday, but Nadia was home. It is very difficult to find people at home here, because we all work hard.

Sunday: Amazing, this day. The testimonies of the members in our small industry are very strong, and it was awesome to hear them. I gave my first testimony in church in Spanish, and Norma went to the chapel with your friends! In the evening we had the miracle of Charles and Norma, the couple who live far from our house, 50 minutes walk 4 or 5 miles.

I know that is the Lord’s work, because I feel his hands in everything we do every day. I know that families can be eternal. Know that Jesus Christ suffered and gave His life for us, and that through it, we can have forgiveness of our sins. I know that Joseph Smith actually saw our heavenly Father, God, and his son, Jesus Christ, through Joseph and they established their church with the priesthood again. They move, family! I love you very much!

With love,
Elder Hoffman


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