Argentina – Week 2.5

Primero, sorry all for the letter last week in Spanish! We write our mission president every Monday, to let him know how we´re doing and what´s going on in our areas. Solo for sake of time last week I decidi a copy and paste my letter to him to you all and after that it was easier and faster to just keep writing en espanol en stead of ingles. I´ll try to just copy the letter every week and then write more en english. This week was amazing, and this saturday we have a reunion con Elder Christofferson! I can´t wait to hear from an apostle, especially because this week we decided that we would have a ¨celestial weekÑ to prepare for to hear him. Also, we had three meetings in a row where we had the opporutninty to hear from nuestro presidente de mission, saturday was the adult session of conference de estaca (distritct here), sunday district conference again, and today for zona conference. ¡Que buenísimo este semana fue! Elder Fernández y yo decidimos que necesitábamos trabajar mas duro y enfocarnos otra vez en nuestro propósito y esforzar nuestro relación con el Señor. entonces íbamos a tener un semana celestial, cien por ciento enfocados en el estandarte de este misión, las normas de la misión, y el amor puro de Cristo. Empezamos con un ayuna en sábado, y vamos a hacerlo de domingo a domingo. Obviamente nuestro meta es para guardar este cambia de corazón, pero para hacerlo vamos a trabajar mas duro que cualquier otro momento en nuestro misión este semana. Yo tengo un testimonio bien fuerte que este es la obra del Señor, porque cuando hacemos lo que el quiere, vemos milagros. También, sé que cuando nosotros sacrificamos nuestro propios deseos por los de Dios, podemos tener este cambia de corazón. Esto es lo que yo quiero mas que cualquier otra cosa en mi misión. Por medio de mi dedicación, servicio, y trabajo a la gente acá en Argentina, yo quiero desarrollar mi caridad y amor hasta que no soy la misma persona que fui en el principio. Yo quiero conocer a mi Salvador mas fuerte y tener la experiencia de sintiendo las frutas de su sacrificio en mi vida y en las vidas de los que enseño. Este semana mi meta es eso: servir a Dios con todo que tengo, para conocer a el y Jesucristo mas que les conozco ahora.

Well, as for this week, it´s been extremely wet and muddy! The people here are very similar to Italy me imagina, they all speak with an italian accento y with their hands. Also, it can be hard to get them to listen to what we have to say sometimes, but that just means that we have to be more creative en our manera odf finding people to teach. We´re going to start teaching inglesh lessons, as well as working with the members de our branch to find the people who are willing to liusten and learn about our church and want to fortify thie r faith in the Savior. In spite of the rain, the mud, and the lack of people who are at home or willing to listen, this place is amazing. The people here have great faith in the Lord, and they are extremely strong in their families and traditions. The members of our little branch here are increible, really, it´s amazing! Their faith in Christ and the restoration of His church is unbelievable strong, in spite of the many challenges they have. On Sunday, we had stake conference. The spirit was INCREDIBLE, the district president spoke of the blessings of the temple and began to cry as he spoke of a family who were sealed a couple weeks ago after months of saving 2 peso bills, and how the father had approached him with this stack of bills and told him that they didn´t know how they were going to eat the next week, but they knew how imnportant the blessings of eternal families are and decided to make this sacrfice. I know that through our sacrifice and consecration of our natural desires, we can truly become like diamonds, strengthened through the fire of faith and bound together with our families for eternity. As says the scripture in Mosiah 3:19, we can truly become characters of Christ the Son of God through his Atonement as we put off the natural man through His gospel. I love you all so much! Sigue adelante en su fe, and the Lord will bless you. Remember, it´s all for love.

Con mucho cariño,
Elder Hoffman


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