Argentina – Week 4

A dog bit me a few days ago, more details later! No worries, it had rabies shots and I was wearing a thick jacket (thanks Dad!) so it wasnt very deep. Its healing fast and Iḿ all good. Officially a realy misionery! (: Love you all millions, Iĺl qwrite more in a couple minutes. Wish I could send more picutres but I havent used my camera hardly at all because it can be dangerous to carry stuff like that and we walk a ton, but Iĺl be sure and take some pictures before next monday




Querido Familia,
Este semana ha sido buenísimo. Ha fortalecido mi testimonio que Dios realmente contesta nuestros oraciones, aunque muchos veces in maneras diferentes que estamos esperando. Estaba un poco frustrado este semana, yo creo porque no tuvimos muchas personas que estaban progresando. Yo no sabía que debía hacer para tener mas ánimo por la obra, entonces oré a Dios para consuelo y un conocimiento sobre lo que yo necesitaba hacer para trabajar con todo mi alma, corazón, mente, y fuerza. No recibí una respuesta inmediatamente, y no recibí una respuesta muy claro, pero tenía la fuerza que necesitaba para seguir trabajando. El próximo día, leí un discurso de Elder Bednar acerca del carácter de Cristo, y como el siempre decidió a enfocar en otros, especialmente durante tiempos de mucho sufrimiento. Yo sabía que solo tenía que seguir trabajando y desarrollando mi amor por la gente, y todo sería bien. Lo hice, tratando de dar cien por cien de mis fuerzas al Señor y la gente, y todo fue bien. Elder Uriona compartió una escritura en un almuerzo que tocó mi corazón y me ayudó a seguir, de Alma 26:27. A mí me gusta éste escritura mucho, porque dice que directamente antes que los hijos de Mosíah iban a volver, el Señor les dio consuelo suficiente para seguir. Así es con la obra misional. A veces, solo tenemos que seguir con fe hasta el momento que no podemos seguir, y en éste momento, el Señor nos va a dar consuelo y las palabras que necesitamos para seguir. Sé que este obra es la obra del Señor. Especialmente en tiempos así eso, puedo sentir muy fuerte que sus manos están conmigo.

Quick explanation of the dog bite: we were going to eat lunch with the branch president and his wife. The wife came out and told us to head on in, just as a neighbor walked up to talk to her. As I was walking by, I didnñt notice their very large German shepard mix that happened to be extremely aggresive and protective. Alas, so it was. He got my leg a bit too, but nothing too bad. I think I was cracking mentally the next day from being a little tired of flinching every time a dog barked, and the next night three or four dogs started surrounding me and barking rather aggresively. I was so mad that I broke my scripture case in the face of one of them, and broke my voice for a couple days yelling at them as I ran after them. AT least I felt pretty satisfied after that (;

This week was a tough one as far as investigators go. Weve had a lot of people that we were teaching, but not many were progressing, and so weve been trying to find new ways to find those who are interested in what we have to say. Elder Fernandez and I decided that to help him learn English, me learn Spanish gramatar better, and to find more people to teach, we would teach inglish in the chapell. We made awesome posters, about 100 cards, and invited the whole branch to come. We had anxiously planned out our lesson plan, the way we would teach and how we would invite the people to learn more. To our disappointment, only one person showed up on Saturday. (Not as bad as it sounds, her sisters got baptized a couple years ago but the family hasnt been coming, and she came to learn english but said shes going to come to church as well! We met with an amazing investigator this week named Rodrigo. He knows english, spanish, chinese, and a couple other languages. He was going to be a Catholic priest, but Pope Francis told him he shouldnt because he knew so much that he needed to use his talents in other ways. A friend of his invited him to meet with us, and heś super interested. HE already read past Jacob! We were expecting him, Norma, and Matilde at church on Sunday, but none of them showed up. After about an hour of disappointment (Sacrament is the last hour here) four investigators came for the 2nd and 3rd hour (we werent expecting either of them). Two little girls tha live really close named Selene y Camila, y also we had a couple, the Alvarangos. I learned that thatś the way the Lord works sometimes. We dont always get what we want, but we always get what we need, and what other people need. I know without a doubt that the Lord knows us and knows what we need, what we feel, and whatś best for us. The only thing we have to do is trust him and do our part. No worries about me, every day is balmy with sunshine, except for the rainy days, and they tend to be my favorite because itś not too hot. Love you all millions!

Eñder HNffman


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