Argentina – Week 5

Dear Family,

Well, lamentably, this week was my last in Necochea. I´m so grateful that I had the opportunity to serve there, it´s absolutely beautiful, the people are amazing, and I learned more than I´ve ever learned in my entire life there. Elder Fernández was an amazing companion, and I wish I could have had more time with him there in Necochea, but so is missionary life. Right now I´m in Bahía Blanca, I got transfered to work in the mission office handling the finances. I´m super excited to serve here, Bahía is beautiful, and the Elders of the office are all incredible missionaries. Today I drove for the first time in a long time, and let´s just say that driving in Argentina is a whole different world. Right now everything is really hectic because the office does everything for transfers, and we have 20 missionaries leaving the mission and 20 new ones coming in, but in general it sounds like I´ll be working in the office 3-4 hours every day Monday-Friday, and normal missionary work here in Bahía after and before. There are six other Elders of the office right now, the two assistants to the president (Elder Nash and Elder Parks), matierials, secretary (Elder Burkes), finances (Elder Hawes is my new companion, this is his last transfer in the mission so he´s training me in all the finances), and housing (Elder Rivas). We all live together, and I think we share the same ward as well, though I´m not sure yet. We´ll see how my math skills work out, but I´m excited to work here in a different side of the mission.

As for the week:
We had a lesson with Micaela (the one who got baptized my first week here) and her boyfriend. She´s awesome, on fire with her conversion and sharing it with everyone. If you remember we had a sacrament meeting centered in missionary work a couple weeks back, and we invited everyone to take a pamphlet or book of mormon to share with a friend. Micaela took a restoration pamphlet, and was sitting down explaining it to her boyfriend Jonah. She said that she prayed for help sharing the gospel with him, began explaining, and then he said “I don´t really believe any of this” and we knocked on the door that moment unexpectedly. We had an awesome lesson with him, and we invited him to ask God and find out for himself after reading a part of the Book of Mormon. It´s incredible to see the change the gospel makes in the lives of people. Miceala has more light in her countenance and more excitement for life every day, it´s awesome! We started running with Marcelo, he and his wife have a little store in front of our old apartment in Necochea and we always bought stuff for lunch from them. He loves running and runs marathons, so we nearly died the first time we ran with him, but it´s awesome to be running in the mornings again. Elder Fernández is going to invite him to hear the lessons this week, his family is awesome and I can´t wait to hear what happens. We had a pretty busy week trying to find new investigators and everything as well as moving apartments, because the daughter of the lady who owns the one we were renting is going to live there. We moved to our new apartment on Friday, and it was AWESOME, it has a balcony looking out over the city and lots of windows, and it´s brand new. Saturday, our District leader called us for transfers and we found out that Elder Fernández was staying to train a new missionary and I was going to be Financiero in Bahía Blanca. I said goodbye to the branch on Sunday during fast and testimony meeting, and had lunch with the family Gallardo (the first ones I ate with, they love singing and are super awesome) and then I left. I´ll have lots of pictures next week, we have computers that are much better here in the office but I don´t have my camera with me now because I still haven´t unpacked. I love you all so much! I completely forgot thanksgiving was this week, but I hope you all had a good one with lots of pavo. (: Keep on keeping on in the road of the Lord, everybody. I know that the gospel is the best way to live, I´ve seen the changes for the better over and over in the lives of the people we teach as they change and repent to become more like Jesus Christ. Step by step, little change by little change, we repent and grow closer and closer to our Savior.

Elder Hoffman


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