Argentina – Week 6

Querido Familia,

¡Este semana fue absolutamente increíble! A mi me encanta Bahía, la gente acá son muy receptivo y tenemos un montón de personas están dispuesto a escucharnos. Elder Hawes y Elder Burke son misioneros fantásticos, y ya he aprendido muchas cosas de ellos. Es un privilegio muy grande a servir acá con Elder Rivas, Elder Parkes, y Elder Nash también. Todos son misioneros consagrados, y estoy aprendiendo como mejorar de ellos.

Este tiempo del año es lo mejor por compartir el evangelio y testificar acerca del Señor Jesucristo. Sé que realmente El dio su vida para cada uno de nosotros, y su expiación es infinito y todopoderoso. Es para El que estoy acá sirviendo una misión. Es increíble para mi a ver las cambias en las vidas de las personas que enseñamos. El otro día estuvimos enseñando Claudio, el padre de un recién converso que quiere bautizarse pero esta esperando por sus tramites de divorcio para casarse antes. Nos testificó acerca del arrepentimiento y la veracidad de la iglesia. El dijo que por medio de lo que aprendió de los misioneros, decidió arrepentirse y cambiar todo su vida. Limpió su casa, su huerta, ahora tiene mas paciencia, tiene mas tranquilidad con su familia, esta mas unido con su esposa, y la lista sigue. Nos testificó del Señor Jesucristo, que el sintió en su corazón que eso es la iglesia restaurado de Jesucristo, y que por fin encontró la iglesia verdadera. Que maravilla es el evangelio! Sé que la restauración de la iglesia de Jesucristo trajo la luz otra vez a la tierra. Un día fuimos contactando y encontramos una familia muy linda. Ellos dijeron que pudimos pasar otro día, y lo hicimos. Cuando hablamos con el, dijo que realmente cada noche le hace preguntar como puede saber cual iglesia es lo de Dios, y la historia de José Smith tocó su corazón con mucho poder. ¡A mi me encanta ayudando las personas así! Es increíble ayudarles encontrar las respuestas que realmente quieren. Sé que la iglesia es lo de Dios. Que maravilloso es el evangelio.



Bahía Blanca is absolutely incredible. Almost every night there is a gorgeous sunset across the whole sky, and our area is right on the top of the hill so you can see the whole city of Bahía and the sunset over the ocean. Right now the sun doesn´t go down until about 8:30 or 9, and hace calor! (It´s hot!). There´s a lot of wind that always carries a lot of sand, even more than Necochea even though I didn´t think it was possible. The good thing is that the wind keeps everything a little more cool when the suns really hot.


IMG_0171As for the week, it was very different from any other week I´ve had, but it was awesome. The Elders that I´m living with are all awesome, including my companions Elder Hawes and Elder Burke. It´s a little hectic sometimes working in the office, especially because when I got here they were right in the middle of doing everything for transfers. Transfers was pretty crazy and we´re still dealing with little things because of it, but it was super amazing to talk with the new missionaries arriving here to this mission. It was really weird and dejavu-ish to be helping the new missionaries instead of being a new missionary only 6 weeks ago. Hermana Nicolini Hadley got here with the new missionaries, and I was sitting talking with some of them when she pointed at me, and yelled across the room in Spanish, “You´re Elder Hoffman! You´re a cooper aren´t you? WE WENT TO PRESCHOOL TOGETHER!” She still remembers when Kristi babysat her at grandmas house in Kaysville. I don´t remember her or her family at all, but mom or Kristi, do you guys remember her? Anyway, it was also pretty weird when I gave the finance orientation to the new missionaries and couldn´t speak english to them for the life of me. Crazy how fast it´s possible to lose a language when you don´t use it! It was amazing for me to see the new missionaries and remember coming here to Argentina, remember the MTC, and remember getting my mission call. It reminded me to always focus on the reason I´m here, and not get caught up in the little details that aren´t important.



Later in the week, we got in a car crash (Don´t worry, I wasn´t driving and it was bad at all. All the streets here are one way, which means there aren´t stop signs. This lets everyone drive faster, but it also means a lot more wrecks). Driving a stick shift volkswagen mini van in Argentina is quite the thrill ride! You gotta drive with “ojos sharky” (sharky eyes).


IMG_0169The people here are wonderful, super willing to listen and learn. We have a couple of really awesome investigator families that are amazing, the only tricky thing here is that the majority of couples who have families aren´t married because they can´t get divorces from previous marriages. For example, we´re teaching an awesome family, the son Israel got baptized in September, and the parents Claudio and Roxana have amazing testimonies. The family is reading and praying every day together and individually, and the parents want to get baptized, but one of them had a short marriage in their twenties and is still technically married even though they have 4 kids together and a lot of time together. They can´t get baptized if they can´t keep the law of chastity, which makes it dificult. The cool thing is to see the families that are willing to change their lives and make sacrifices to live in accordance with the law of the Lord. Claudio and Roxana are going to have their divorce papers any day now, and their baptism will come pretty soon after. We´ve got a wonderful ward here, although it´s pretty small 50-60 members every sunday. I´m super excited for my time here, it sounds like i´ll probably be here for a while (The old financiero, Elder Hawes, was here for 6 or 7 months). I love you all tons! Remember in this wonderful Christmas season the reason we celebrate is the incredible gift God has given us of his son, Jesus Christ.

Un abrazo gigante!

Elder Hoffman


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