Argentina – Week 10

Querida familia,
Esta semana estuvo muy buena. Nuestro dificultad es que el barrio está medio dividido. Los miembros son muy buenos, todos tienen testimonies fuertes y quieren ayudar en la obra misional, solo es que como barrio no andan bien, y nuestros investigadores pueden sentirlo cuando van a la capilla. Sin embargo, estoy agradecido por este desafío y sé que estoy acá por una razón. ¡Solo significa que hay obra para hacer y Milagros para ver! Ya hemos visto muchas cosas buenas, y sé que vamos a tener éxito y maravillas acá.
Fijé muchas metas para este año tan especial. Voy a estar en la misión todo este año, y por eso quería pensar en lo que quiero lograr este año en la misión. Fijé la meta de desarrollar el amor de Cristo, pidiendo la caridad y sirviendo a los demás. Quiero aprender a ayudar a mis compañeros, mi familia, mis investigadores, todos con quien tengo contacto a sentir el amor puro de Cristo por medio de mis palabras y acciones. Quiero invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo y cambiar sus vidas, aumentar su fe, bautizarse, y lograr la vida eternal. Quiero cambiar mi propia vida, seguir usando la expiación de Jesucristo para mejorarme en todo aspecto de la vida, y para llegar a ser más como el Salvador. Quiero volver de mi misión completamente cambiado permanente, que todos pueden ver que soy un representante de Jesucristo aún sin la placa, por medio de mi rostro, mis acciones, mis palabras, y mi modo de ser.
Hablamos con la familia Treico acerca de perdón, y que realmente pueden perdonar al Obispo y no tienen que perder las bendiciones del evangelio a causa de los demás. Claudio y Israel (el papá y el hijo) dijeron que van a volver, y creo que si ellos lo hacen, la mamá va a hacerlo también. También, la familia Yagüe vino a la iglesia ayer, y todos dijeron que quieren empezar de Nuevo en la iglesia, con mas dedicación al evangelio. María va a casarse y bautizarse en dos semanas, y tenemos esperanza que el padre Raúl y el marido futuro de María van a bautizarse también. Esta semana logramos muchos mas nuevos, estamos muy felices pero no complacidos. Vamos a seguir trabajando para que podamos lograr el estandarte y cumplir con nuestro potencial. Estamos mejorando rápido y siempre tratando pensar en nuestros investigadores para ayudarles. Encontramos a una familia esta semana que son amigos con una familia del barrio, y dijeron que podemos pasar y compartir, y la verdad es que estamos muy animados para ver que tal.

Dear family,

This week was very good. Our difficulty is that the ward is divided . The members are very good, they all have strong testimonies and want to help in missionary work, but the ward doesn’t get along very well, and our investigators can feel it when they go to the chapel. However, I am grateful for this challenge and I know I’m here for a reason! It just means that there is work to do and miracles to be seen! We have seen many good things, and I know that we will succeed and see wonders here.

I set many goals for this special year. I’ll be on a mission all year, and so I wanted to think about what I want to accomplish in my mission this year. I set a goal to develop the love of Christ, praying for charity and serving others. I want to learn to help my companions, my family, my investigators, and all those with whom I have contact to feel the pure love of Christ through my words and actions . I want to invite people to come to Christ and change their lives, increase their faith, reach baptism, and achieve eternal life. I want to change my life, continue to use the atonement of Jesus Christ to get better in every aspect of life, and to become more like the Savior. I want to return from my mission completely changed permanently, to the point that everyone can see that I am a representative of Jesus Christ even without the plaque, through my countenance, my actions, my words, and my way of being.

We talk about forgiveness with the Treico family, and can actually forgive the bishop and not have to lose the blessings of the gospel because of others. Claudio and Israel ( dad and son ) said they will come back , and I think if they do, the mom will do it too. Also, Yagüe family came to church yesterday, and all said they want to start new in the church, with more dedication to the gospel. María is going to get married and be baptized in two weeks, and we have hope that the dad Raul and Marías future husband will also be baptized. This week we found many more new investigators, and we´re happy but not satisfied. We´re going to work to ensure that we can achieve and fulfill our potential. We are improving fast and always trying to think of our investigators. We found a family this week that are friends with a family from the ward, and they said that we can teach them. We found a lot of awesome people who are interested (including them), and we´ll see what happens once we get to start teaching them. It´s pretty hard to find people in their houses, but when we do they´re very open and willing to listen.

This week a new assistant to the president came to replace Elder Nash because he goes home at the end of the transfer, Elder Dávalos from Peru. He speaks English like an American, so much that he has a “Junkie” (they call us northamericans junkies here) accent. He´s super awesome, I´m excited to get to know him.

We get permission to spend the evening from 7-10 with a family eating for Christmas and New Years, because the majority of the people are drunk or with their families and don´t answer the door, so this week we spent New Years with the Sandoval family. They´re amazing! They had 10 missionaries in their house New Years eve, and they fed us steaks Argentine style with all sorts of other delicious salads and things. After the food, we had a big toast (bringing in the New Year and Christmas and whatever else is always a reason to have a toast here) and ate cookies and candies and thing, and then we went home.

Thankfully it´s cooled off quite a bit this week, and although we still catch some heat there´s always a nice breeze to cool us off. I´m getting used to the area and learning my way around and everything, which is nice. I hope I don´t get transferred again, because I really like the people here, the area, the ward, everything. I´d love to stay for a little longer in one place, I haven´t had more than six weeks in one area yet but I really want to. It´s guaranteed that I´ll be working in the office for a good while, the finance managers and secretaries are always here for 6-7 months, sometimes more. The only thing is we have two areas in the office, one for the financiero and secretario, and one for the pensionero and materiales. Everyone in the office has been here for a long time except for materiales, Elder Navarrete, so it´s possible that Elder Burke (secretario) is going to get a new companion to train and Elder Rivas (Pensionero) is definitely going to get a new companion to train. If that happens, it´s possible that I would go to work with Elder Navarrete in a different ward and area, or that I get moved to a different ward altogether. We´ll find out on Friday, but either way I´m just happy to be serving the Lord where he needs me.

I love you all a million! Stay warm with the winter storms over there, and know that I´m toasty warm (some times toasted warm (; ) and safe here in Argentina.

Elder Hoffman

P.S. – We have to head downtown to run some errands, so I´ll try to send some pictures of everything later.


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