Argentina – Week 15

Picture of the Leadership Conference we had last week. I love them very much!


Querida Familia,

He aprendido más esta semana que es cuidar las ovejas del rebaño de Jesucristo. Tenemos a nuestro investigador, Oscar, que tiene fecha bautismal para el 22 de Febrero y está dejando de fumar. Cuando Elder Gonzalez y yo hablamos acerca de como podemos ayudarle a él estar listo para su bautismo y dejar de fumar, decidimos llamarle dos o tres veces cada día por un corto tiempo para que pueda tener ánimo, sentir nuestro amor por él, y pueda recordar sus metas del día. Empezamos hacer eso, y desarrollé tanto amor por Oscar, aún más que ya tenía. Estoy muy animado por su bautismo y no puedo esperar verle en blanco. Los cambios en su vida se anota cada vez que pasamos y en su progreso en vivir los mandamientos. Creo que aprendí un poquito que es que siente Jesucristo por nosotros al cuidarnos.

This week was pretty interesting. We haven´t been able to work in our area very much because Elder González has to do physical therapy three times a week, plus the office, but the Lord has blessed us with success in our efforts in spite of that.

I have learned more this week what it is to take care of the sheep of the flock of Jesus Christ. We have our friend, Oscar, who has his baptismal date for February 22 and is quitting smoking. When Elder Gonzalez and I talked about how we can help him get ready for his baptism and quit smoking, we decided to call two or three times each day for a short time so he can be excited, feel our love for him, and can remember his goals for the day. We started doing that, and I developed such a love for Oscar, even more than I already had. I am very excited for his baptism and I can not wait to see him in white! It´s easy to notice large changes in his life as he has begun living the commandments. I think I learned a small portion of what Christ feels as he watches over us and wants us so badly to succeed. Oscar was able to go from 2 packs a day to 8 cigarretes yesterday, and he´s going to be able to stop completely this week so he can be clean from cigarretes a week before his baptism! He´s super excited, and it´s absolutely incredible to see the way he´s changed. I can testify that the gospel changes lives, and that it is the happiest way to live. With Yamila, we haven´t been able to get in touch with her all week long, and it was pretty sad when she didn´t come to church on Sunday. The good thing is we have an appointment with her tomorrow, and when we called her yesterday she said she had read everything we left her and had writting a list of questions and things she wants to learn. It was super awesome!

Thankfully this week hasn´t been quite so hot, but it´s been super busy. We had a conference for the leaders in the mission last week, and focusing on having everything ready for that got me behind in the other things I have to do in the office, so it´s been kind of crazy. On Friday last week I had to go to the bank with Presidente Parreño to register our new account for the mission, and we were there waiting more than 3 hours! The good thing is it´s pretty cool to wait in a bank with your mission president as a companion, and the other good thing is we finally got everything taken care of.

Well, my times up, but I love you all so much! Know that I´m being well taken care of by the wonderful people here and cherishing every single moment. ¡Hasta lunes!

Un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Hoffman


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