Argentina – Week 18

Hello dear family!

Cumbia is a type of music that´s super popular here, especially in the rougher parts of town. It´s got this chick-chickchick-chick-chickchick rhythm that you can almost always here wherever you are here. It´s kind of like the rap/hip hop of America, and I´ve got the beat stuck in my head. Lluvia is rain, which we´ve had a lot of lately. We´re slowing entering into autumn here, which is really nice. The lack of humid heat and sand everywhere is a welcomed change. (: Alfajores are the treat to eat around here, there softish cookie thingeys stacked up with dulce de leche (a more milky carmel thing) in between and covered in chocolate or coconut. Delicious.

This week was a wonderful one! Elder Gonzalez finished his physical therapy, so we finally have time to go out and work, which is super refreshing. I´ve grown to love walking the streets and talking with people, and even more being able to testify of the things that I know to be true. We spent most of the week contacting trying to find the people who have interest and are willing to listen and learn, because we don´t have many people that were teaching right now because of the last couple weeks because of the physical therapy. The bad news is that Elder Gonzalez hasn´t really improved and its looking like he´ll have to leave his misión early to recupérate. Hes a super trooper though, he bears it well and he focuses on the task at hand, the today. It reminds me a lot of the talk by Edward Dube from the past conference, “Look Ahead and Believe”. Many times we try to look at the past and see what we have done to feel content and to have an excuse to stop or slow our progress. Instead of thinking too much about the past, or the future, we need to focus on the task at hand and love the work that we are doing. We need to do all we can to achieve what we are doing at the highest level posible to truly reach our potential in the future and continually progress from the past.

I love you all so much! Pray for Mariela, Margarita, Estefanía, and Maxi. Mariela is a lady we found who that we´re teaching, she´s super awesome. Margarita, Estefanía, and Maxi áre a family we found last week that are super awesome! Thank you for your letters and words, I appreciate every letter and although I don´t have much time to respond or write, know that I read every Word carefully and your thoughts and counsel uplift and strengthen me. Keep being awesome family!

Con mucho cariño,
Elder Hoffman


One thought on “Argentina – Week 18

  1. Isaac, it sounds like you are having great success in Argentina. Your humble spirit comes through in your letters. And you sound like you really love the people there which is great, that makes for great missionary work. God bless you and your companion that you will have much more success. I pray that Elder Gonzalez will be able to finish his mission whether in Argentina or a place where he can get therapy and do the Lords work at the same time……
    Love you, Aunt Judy


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