Argentina – Week 19

Dearest Family,

I´m flat out of time, I was in the city all day running errands for the four multi zone conferences that we´re having this week with Elder Avila, a seventy from our area. So you all know, I´m doin wonderful and the work here is doin wonderful as well! On Sunday Rosio came to church for her first time, shes the friend of a recent convert to the church and has been listening to the missionaries for a long time, more a less a year, but has never gotten to the chapel on Sunday. She made it this sunday, and she was SUPER excited and happy! She has three kids of 6, 3, and 1 years old, and shes a single parent. She accepted a baptismal date for the 29 of March, and she´s already stopping smoking and preparing herself. Also, Sunday night we passed by the house of Mariolquis, a young mom from the Dominican Republic. She´s a member of the church, and one day as we were walking to the office of the mission, she came up to us and asked us for the direction of the chapel so she could go. She hasn´t been very active, but wanted to come back, so took down her phone number and set up an appointment. She started coming to church about 4 or 5 weeks ago with her two little kids (3 and 1 more or less) and as well as a family home evening we had with the Sandoval family. Anyways, we passed by last night and finally were able to talk with her husband Henry. He´s dominican as well, and he works as a bodyguard for a nightclub, so it´s been hard to get in touch with him. He loved what we taught him, and accepted a baptismal date for April 12! Mariolquis was super happy and excited, and he was as well. We´re pretty stoked as well. Mariolquis´s brother and sister (20´s) live with them too, so we´re going to get the whole fam going to church. I love you all a ton! Thank you so much for your letters, especially all the pictures!

Un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Hoffman


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