Argentina – Week 20

Dear Family,

This week has been a pretty amazing one. Elder Avila came to our mission (he´s part of the area presidency for the Southamerican area of the church, an Argentine). He taught us a ton of stuff, but what I loved the most was what he shared about how necessary love is. He told us that when he learned to truly love the people was when he started to have success in his mission and when he was able to change his heart and draw closer to Christ. I decided that this week my goal will be to do everything for love this week. Many times we do things out of obligation or necessity, but if we learn to act out of love, our motivation is suddenly much stronger. It´s not easy to act out of love, and it´s something we must constantly develop and seek through our actions and our prayers, but when we have love as our driving force, suddenly the power to act becomes much stronger.

Remember about Mariolquis and Henry, the dominican couple we taught last week? This week we stopped by to teach them and met Yamalí and José Luis, the sister and brother of Mariolquis. They´re super awesome and they have amazing questions and listen attentively even though there are tons of tiny kids running around making a ton of noise. They fed us dinner and then we taught the restoration of the gospel, and they all promised to read and pray to God asking for an answer. Unfortunately they didn´t come to church on Sunday, but we´re super excited because José Luis (16) met Adrian, a 19 year old from our ward that´s getting ready to serve a mission, and they´re fans of the same soccer team, so they hit it off like crazy. Henry, Yamalí, and José Luis have a baptismal date for 12 of April. Pray for them like crazy, they have some changes to make but they´re family will see incredible blessings as they unite themselves in the gospel.

Rosio is doing really well! We´ve been teaching her commandments and the principle of obedience, and she´s super excited for her baptism, even asked if we could move it to this saturday instead of the 29 of march, but she has to come to church one more time. She came this Sunday dressed up in Sunday best (hardly happens here, even with a lot of the members) with her three little kids. She absolutely loved it and she´s even been studying the gospel principles book in between classes.

We stopped by to teach Margarita (the grandma we found whose grandkids area a married couple, Maxi and Estefania) and she was with her grandaughter Florencia, who had a ton of mormon friends in her youth and has read parts of the Book of Mormon. We had an awesome lesson with them, and they both agreed to a baptismal date for the 12 of april if they recieve their answers from God before then. Florencia is 22 and studying English, Tango, and Law at a university here. She´s the daughter of Manuel and Mariela, the couple who are the daughter and son in law of Margarita. Margarita and Flor agreed to come to church this coming sunday (couldn´t yesterday), and we´ll see what happens with our next lesson on Saturday. Keep them all in your prayers, I have an inmovable testimony of the power of prayer. I know God hears and answers our prayers, and is always waiting to bless us. The only the we have to do is ask.

I love you all tons! Elder Gonzalez is sick with some sort of flu thing, but thankfully he´s doing really well with his knees and back. It´s really a miracle the way he healed so quickly. It´s truly amazing to be able to see the miracles that God works in the lives of people every day. I think one of the things that has impressed me most about being on my mission is just that: being able to recognize and see all the incredible miracles God blesses us with. Keep being amazing!

Elder Hoffman

P.S. – Oscars doing really well! Going to recieve the priesthood as soon as he gets an interview with the bishop!

P.P.S. – I GOT GRANDMAS PACKAGE THIS WEEK! Thanks so much grandma and grandpa! it got here on March 12, exactly 4 months after it was sent! Hahaha! It was quite the day in the office, Elder Isom got a christmas package too, so we had a mini christmas party in March. The PJs and toothpaste/toothbrush were exactly what I needed! And thank you for your incredible example to us grandkids of serving a mission together. I know without a doubt that the sacrifice you will make will forever change your lives and the lives of your posterity. Keep me posted!


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