Argentina – Week 21

Querida familia,

Esta semana fue una semana bastante bien. Estuve estudiando toda la semana acerca del Espíritu, y pude aplicar mucho de lo que aprendí. Aprendí que tengo que seguir adelante haciendo lo que pueda, y después el espíritu será una guía natural en lo que hago. El jueves terminamos con los planes que teníamos sin resultados, y eran las 8:40 mas o menos. Pasamos por una casa mas, y ellos no estaban así que empezamos a dirigirnos por la casa. De ida y vuelta a nuestra ultima cita, pasamos una casa de dos pisos, y la primera vez sentí el deseo de tocarla, pero lo negué. La segunda vez lo sentí otra vez, pero igual seguía hacía nuestra casa. Estábamos doblando en la esquina, y decidí a seguir los sentimientos que tuve, pensando en lo que había estudiado. Le dije a Elder Gonzalez que tuvimos que tocarla, y fuimos y tocamos. Salió un hombre de Chile con mas o menos 65 años, empezó a hablar, nos invitó adentro, y enseñamos a el y su pareja, Ramón y Rosa. Nos dijeron que hace 2 años se juntaron porque estaban solos cuando sus esposos fallecieron hace 5 años. La cosa es que los dos habían escuchado a los misioneros mucho antes, pero perdieron contacto. Nos invitaron a tener un asado con ellos y sus hijos y nietos, les invitamos a venir al bautismo de la familia Ruli. Fueron al bautismo, sintieron el espíritu mucho, y al comer explicamos las cosas que sintieron. No pudieron venir a la iglesia el domingo, pero van a venir el Domingo que viene. Para mi fue muy increíble el poder ver la manera que el espíritu me ayudó a poder encontrar a ellos en el ultimo momento del día. Mi testimonio del Espíritu creció mucho.

Hemos tenido muchos milagros esta semana, Henry, Yamalí, y Mariolquis llegaron a la capilla el domingo, y Rosio está lista para su bautismo el Sabado. Ha sido tan bueno con Henry, Yamalí, y Mariolquis porque sus vidas están cambiando muchísimo, y se anota mucho. Sacaron sus piercings, están yendo a la iglesia juntos, están leyendo las escrituras, orando, y se están dando cuenta de la vida mejor que viene con sus bautismos el 12 de Abril. Es tan asombroso para mi cuando veo los maravillosos cambios en las vidas de las personas cuando empiezan a aplicar la expiación de Cristo y vivir su evangelio. A noche enseñamos a Oscar, que se bautizó hace un mes. Se mudó a una casa mucha mejor, parece mucho mas saludable, lleva ropa mas limpia y formal, está leyendo y orando mucho, mejoró la relación que tenía con su hijo, huele mucho mejor, y hasta su dentadura postiza cambió cuando compró una nueva. Nos estaba diciendo verdades hermosos del evangelio y la manera que cambió su vida. En verdad, estoy muy agradecido de estar aquí en la misión. Amo la misión. Trae muchos desafíos, y no es fácil para nada, pero he cambiado tanto aquí, y he mejorado y sigo mejorando. Sé que la expiación es real, y que Jesucristo dio su vida y sufrió para mi, y que puedo superar los errores que he cometido.


Dear Family,

This week was a week pretty well. I studied all week about the Spirit , and was able to apply much of what I learned. I have learned that I continue doing what I can , and then the spirit will be a natural guide what I do . Thursday ended with the plans we had no results, and it was 8:40 or so. We passedby one house more , and they were not home so we started heading for home. Back and forth to our last appointment, there was a two-story house , and the first time we passed it I felt the urge to knock it, but I ignored the urge. The second time I felt it again, but still I ignored it and continued walking towards home. We were turning the corner, and I decided to follow the feelings I had , thinking about what I had studied. I told Elder Gonzalez we had to knock this last house, and went and knocked (or clapped, rather) . A man from Chile came out more or less 65 years old, he started talking , he invited us in to teach him (Ramón) and his girlfriend,Rosa. We were told two years ago because they were alone together when their spouses died 5 years ago . The thing is that both had heard the discussions from missionaries long before , but lost contact. We were invited to have a asado (BBQ argentine style, it was my first and the best thing I´ve ever eaten in my life. All I can say is there was a TON, TON TON of delicious meat.) with them and their children and grandchildren , and we invited them to come to the baptism of the Ruli family (baptism of the other ward from our chapel). Baptism they went to, felt the spirit so much, and we explained the things they had felt as we ate. They could not come to church on Sunday, but they’ll come next Sunday . For me it was really incredible to see the way the spirit helped me to find them at the last moment of the day. My testimony of the Spirit grew much .

We have had many miracles this week , Henry, Jamali , and Mariolquis reached the chapel on Sunday (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS), and Rosio is ready for his baptism on Saturday . It has been so good to see Henry, Jamali , and Mariolquis because their lives are changing a lot, and much scores . They removed their piercings, they are going to church together, they are reading the scriptures, praying, and they are realizing the better life that comes with their baptisms on April 12 . It is so amazing to me when I see the wonderful changes in the lives of people when they begin to apply the atonement of Christ and live his gospel. Last night we taught Oscar , who was baptized a month ago. He moved to a house much better , looks much healthier , has more clean and formal clothes , is reading and praying a lot, improved his relationship with his son, smells much better , and even his dentures changed when he bought a new one. He was telling us beautiful truths of the gospel and how it changed his life. Indeed , I am very grateful to be here in the mission. I love the mission. It brings many challenges , and it is not easy at all, but I’ve changed so much here, and I have improved and still improving. I know that the Atonement is real , and that Jesus Christ gave his life and suffered for me.

(sorry for rough translation, google translate is kind of lame)

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE FAMILY! Just in time, too, because it´s gotten REALLY cold REALLY fast all of a sudden. I´m back to using becky´s blanket every night, and a couple more on top (Thanks becky, your a lifesaver!) and the hoffman hoodie has been a lifesaver. It´s been really cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoons, which is a little weird. The leaves here are starting to change color. I absolutely loved all the letters and scriptures, and I even set up my little nativity set. Awesome pic of the 9 girls and 9 puppys, I loved it! You guys are the best! So you know in the future customs doesn´t allow Cereals, peanut butter, beef jerky, some other food items and electronics. As for other tips, just send them with pictures of Christ and USPS flate rate, and depending on the time of year and everything they usually get here eventually.

Keep praying for the Dominican family, Henry and Yamali went to an activity of the ward and to the church on sunday and loved it, they´ve been reading and praying and changing their lives. Rosio needs a lot of prayers as well, she´s ready for her baptism this saturday, but she has a lot of challenges trying to stop her. I love you all so much!

Elder Hoffman


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