Argentina – Week 22

Dear family,

This week was full of miracles! The weather has been crazy, from hot to cold to rain to hail to sandstorms. It´s been pretty awesome though, because most of the nights have been gorgeous, and we´ve slept outside 2-3 nights this weeks. Rosio got baptized on Saturday! We were super worried because we couldn´t find her or get in touch, and the people in her life aren´t very good influences. She´s been strong just the same, but we didn´t know what had happened. We finally found her and found out that she hadn´t had money to feed her three kids, and there were problems with her family, but that she wanted to get baptized the same and has been avoiding temptation. We talked with the ward and asked them to pass by and help her, and right now she´s doing a lot better and said that her baptism changed her life. Elder Gonzalez baptized her, and Presidente Parreño came to the baptism. I´ll send a pic of her as well as her best friend Elena with her twin daughters (Elena got baptized about a year ago and helped Rosio get to where she is). Right after the baptism there was a HUGE dust storm, followed by lots of rain and hail. Thankfull she got home okay thanks to a member who dropped her off. Yamali and Mariolquis and Henry came to church on Sunday, and loved it. Henry left early to sleep because he had been working all night, but Yamali stayed all three hours and is super excited for general conference this weekend. She´s doing really well and is going to get baptized the 12th of april. Wé need to talk to them about the word of wisdom, but they´ve been reading the scriptures and praying and preparing to get baptized. We found an awesome guy, Rolando, who´s going to be the next bishop for sure. He´s already married (never happens here), he´s got two kids and one on the way, he understands everything and has amazing questions. He asked us in the beginning, “I´ve always wanted to know where all the churchs came from when Christ himself sent the apostles to preach one gospel”. We explained the story of the restoration, and he said he would read the chapter of the book of mormon that we left him, and then read the whole thing. Saturday he went to the hospital at 12 until 3 in the morning to see his nephew being born, and even though there was a huge storm sunday morning, he was there waitin for us. He had excellent questions in church, and we have a family home evening with his family and the Sandoval family on wednesday. Pray for Rolando, Yamalí, Henry, Mariolquis, Belén (the friend of the dominicans, in the pic. Mariolquis is the skinny one, Henry the guy, and the white one is Belén) Mariela, Margarita, Florencia, Ramón, Rosa, Victor, Margarita, and that we can find more people to teach. I love you all so much. Keep being amazing!

Elder Hoffman

IMG_0443 IMG_0444 DSC06884

baptism and marriage of Martin and Maria Yagüe. Pray for em, they havent come to church in a good while

Martin y Maria IMG_0063


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