Argentina – Week 23

WHOAAA General conference was amazing! If you watched it, I invite you to apply what you learned and continue studying the marvelous words of the apostles and prophet. If you didn´t watch it or missed something, watch it now! General Conference! It was one of the best general conferences ever for me. I learned incredible things, the only sad part was we didn´t have anyone learning about the church there with us. Yamalí fell off the face of the earth along with Henry, and they didn´t come to the conference. We found out that they work in a shady place that could or could not be a brothel, and Yamalí was super excited for general conference and her baptism last week, but she lost a lot of her faith this week with family problems and told us that she didn´t believe she could change her life. It has got to be the saddest thing ever to hear that from a child of God. The atonement of Jesus Christ has all the power in the world the every single one of us, and through his sacrifice we can overcome whatever downfall or problem we may have. Elder Gonzalez got super sad when we found all this out, but we´re pressing forward with faith that she will be able to find the incredible power that the atonement of Christ has for us.

   In other news, Rolando is AWESOME! we met his wife this week who´s pregnant with their third child, and she´s awesome too! He said he would seek earnestly for an answer and get baptized on the 26 of this month if he found it. He couldn´t come to conference because he had to work, but get praying for him, because he has an incredible family!
   I had an awesome experience this conference. I was with Elder Pliler, one of the asistants, between conference sessions on Sunday, and we hadn´t had anyone come to the conference. I said to Elder Pliler “I want the who world to hear these incredible counsels and messages! Lets go find someone!” and that was that. We took of running, knocking on doors and talking with everybody to invite everyone to come hear the prophets voice. We must have talked with 40 different people in about 40 minutes, teaching, inviting, and bearing testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the church that He established once again with a prophet and 12 apostoles. We arrived at the chapel sweaty from running around, a little disappointed from not having found anyone willing to come, but happy and satisfied that we had done our very best to invite all to come unto Christ. I learned yesterday what it means to be “anxiously engaged in a good cause”. I love the scripture in doctrine and covenants in spanish, because it says “anhelosamente consagrado en una buena causa” which means intensely desirefully consagrated in a good cause. I know that when we consecrate ourselves and give our all to a good cause, there is a complete triumph. I love you all so much! May you all be intensely desirefully consecrated in good causes this week!
Elder Hoffman

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