Argentina – Week 24

Dearest family,

This week was pretty crazy, as we had transfers and transfers in the office means lots of running around. It´s amazing to see the wonderful missionaries who are heading home after 2 years and the wonderful missionaries who come as mutes but excited and ready to serve the Lord for the following 2 years.

It´s been REALLY cold, but I´ve got a sleeping bag and plenty of blankets here. I´ve been sleeping outside with some of the other Elderes from our house in our backyard on a couple of old beds. The stars are pretty sweet here when it gets cold! Reminds me of sleeping on the trampoline (:

As far as the obra misional, we´re struggling to find new people to teach, as many of those we were teaching have fallen off the boat a little. Yamalí and Henry and Mariolquis still listen to us, but Yamalí said she doesn´t want to go to church anymore because she doesn´t believe she can change. ): It´s super sad to see when people lack the faith in the infinite Atonement of Christ to believe to overcome their shortcomings and trials and change everything. It´s a miracle so evident to me now as I have seen it work every time: As we put our faith in Christ and begin to excercise that faith through the healing process of repentance, the Savior literally lifts our loads and cleans our lives. He only asks that we “come unto him” (Matthew 11:28-30) and trust in the power of his sacrifice. I studied this week the talk that Elder Bednar gave in general conference (click here if you didn´t see it) about the loads that help us return to our heavenly father. The road to him is not easy, in fact it is many times a difficult and challenging task, filled with many loads, burdens, and trials. The promise is not that it would be easy, but that it would be possible. I love the story of the man from Elder Bednars talk in his new 4×4 truck, thinking he could do it all on his own. As he was humbled, the load he took upon him literally allowed him to progress forward in his journey home. I can testify that the burdens in our lives help us to change and progress, and if we trust in God and put our faith in His atonement, his grace is sufficient for ALL human kind.

Rolando came to church again, but this time after having worked until 7:30 in the morning and having to leave after to go to work AGAIN. It was incredible to see his sacrifice and most of all that he got to church EARLY. I´ll never be giving excuses again in my life for having arrived at God´s holy house of prayer late or not having arrived at all after his valiant example. He´s a super bright guy, he´s reading and analyzing every word he hears from us and every word he reads in the Book of Mormon. Pray that he can have the courage to ask God in his prayers if what he has learned is true and that he can reach his baptismal date of the 26 of April. I love you all! Thank you for your emails and letters, every single one helps me and supports me and lifts me up, and even though I haven´t had much time here in the mission office to reply, know that I appreciate every word and will do my best to write back. ¡Por amor a Sión, yo escribiré! Jaja, tons of love!

Elder Hoffman


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