Argentina – Week 25

Dearest Family,

This has been a wonderful week. It´s a little strange to be celebrating easter as everything gets colder and darker, but the meaning has been the same. I think Easter has become much more sacred to me as a missionary. I have treasured so much the opportunity to walk the streets of the earth every day and teach and testify of the Son of God and the sacrifice he made for us. I have come to love and appreciate this infinite gift in a way I never though possible over the past few months. I don´t think I will ever be able to fully comprehend or truly appreciate the magnitude of what Christ did for us, but I do know that he did it. I can say without a shadow of doubt that I know that Jesus Christ the Son of God lived, suffered, and died for the transgressions, sins, weaknesses, pains, and imperfections of humankind. Not just human kind, but every kind of human that ever was, ever is, and ever will be human. Through his marvelous atonement, we truly can become clean again. There is a video I absolutely loved that explains it best called “Because of Him“. (click to watch) I testify that because of Him, life is worth living.

Rolando is doing really well, he´s been reading the Book of Mormon and everything we´ve given to him. The only thing is that he wants to be really really sure of his decision before getting baptized, which is AWESOME, but the thing is that he is looking more for doubts than for answers right now. Tonight we have a family home evening with some members with him, and we want to explain to him how to recognize answers from the spirit and how to trust in what we know, to take the literal leap of faith and recieve the confirmation after the trial of our faith. He can´t come to church every other week because he works (without sleeping) for three days in a row in a military base outside of Bahía Blanca. Keep praying for him, and especially pray that his wife will have the desire to listen to us. Rolando told us that she has never had interest in Religion, so he always talks with just us, and has only come to church alone. We want him to be able to enjoy the blessings of an eternal family, so pray pray pray! I love you all immensely, keep being amazing.

For next weeks email, you can each send me three questions about whatever you´d like to hear from me, and I´ll send the answers in my weekly email. That way I get around to everyone. (; Love you tons! Don´t forget that it´s because of him that we´re here, and it´s because of him that we must be ready and willing to serve those around us always.

Elder Hoffman

P.S. – here´s a good pic of me and my first companion here in Argentina, Elder Fernandez. It´s us in the house of the mission office on his last day in the mission.



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