Argentina – Week 26

Dearest Family,
This week was super crazy but super awesome! I feel like I´ve been doing a million things, and I end the day knocked out in bed. I´ve never treasured sleep nor slept so well in my entire life as on my mission! I´m sending a couple pictures, this was Rolando and Elder González and I on the way to church on Sunday (with a great view of Bahía), and an amazing couple that I had the opportunity to baptize named Cinthia y Alejandro (Hermana Hadley and Hermana Miner are in my district, and there wasn´t anybody in the ward to baptize them because they went on a temple trip, so I got the honor of doing it!)

Rolando is getting baptized on Saturday!!! He came to church yesterday after having worked all night, and not sleeping a wink. The poor guy was having trouble staying awake, but he came and he´s excited for his baptism on Saturday. Yamalí accepted baptism for yesterday, but didn´t show up to church, so we´re going to wait until she shows more committment to baptize her.
As for your questions, here goes:

Best thing I´ve learned about missionary work on my mission:
That it rocks! Haha, more than anything that it truly is the work of the Lord. I have felt his hand every single day in one way or another, and every moment is filled with the spirit of salvation. It really shouldn´t be called “missionary work”, it should be called “saving souls work”. It´s all one and the same.
One thing to do to prepare for the mission:
Get to know your Savior, and find the love he has for each one of us. Christ is the key to good missionary work. Language, teaching skills, social skills, whatever abilities you may have are useless without the pure love of Christ and his atonement. All the details you can learn later on, the most important is to know Christ personally.
How is the member´s support of missionary work:
The members here have incredible testimonies and although many are newer to the Church, they have many desires to share what they have come to know and love so much. Everyone of us can ALWAYS be more dedicated and more worried about the work of the Lord.
Is it getting super cold here yet:
Mas o menos, mas o menos. Yeah, it´s cold. The leaves are falling down and it rains more often, but it hasn´t been too bad. It´s kinda bipolar, somedays super cold and somedays pleasantly toasty.
How are all of the people you´re teaching doing:
Great! We need to find more people, but those that we´re teaching are doing really well. We´ve found a good handfull of open hearted people this week, so we´ll see how it goes. Right now we´re teaching Rolando, Yamalí, Olga, Susana, Elzira, and Estevan. Keep on praying for em!
What´s my favorite part of Argentina:
The culture of drinking mate together and kisses to greet people, neither of which I do, but it´s pretty cool. People just say like, “Che, como andás vos? Bien, vos? Che, veníte a la casa, vamos a tomarnos un matecito, charlar un poquito, viste?” (Hey man, hows it going? Good, yo? Hey, come on over and we´ll drink some mate, talk a little, know what I´m sayin?) They love mayonesse (It´s really really yellow because it has lemon juice in it) and they put it on eveything. Facturas, tortas fritas (scones friend in fat), mate cocido, asado (YUM) are all delicious. Most of all I love the people, they´re super awesome and loving once they get to know you.
Most incredible miracle I´ve seen:
The miracle of repentance in the lives of the people I´ve taught. I´ve seen many miracles in finding those who are prepared to recieve the gospel, and many incredible experiences, but the most magnificent miracle of all is that of the Atonement of Christ working its power in the lives of those that begin to live His gospel. Gets me every time.
Hardest part about being a missionary/of the mission:
Not conforming with the success one has had or is having, and always reaching a little higher (It´s also the best part). Also when people come to understand and know the truthfullness of Christ´s gospel, and use their agency to reject the blessings that are waiting for them. It´s super sad because as a missionary you see the way the gospel works so much that it´s practically scientifically proven, and you know exactly what the people you teach have the potential to gain, but sometimes they just don´t choose the right. Sad stuff man.
The BEST part of my mission:
Baptizing! and loving the people and feeling the spirit and learning and growing and recognizing the changes in myself and others for the better. WHOOO!
What do I hope for most right now:
To help more people and to be a better servant of the Lord.

Love you all tons! Thanks for the questions and I hope the answers serve you! May the Lord be with and bless you, and may you all remember that the missionary work is the work of salvation.

Un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Hoffman


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