Argentina – Week 28

Dearest Family,

This week was truly wonderful, and how great to top it all off with being able to talk with the best family ever on mothers day (best mom ever, too. (; )! A couple of updates:

  • Gloria came to church yesterday and is getting baptized the 31
  • Elder Pliler is going home this week (nooo!) along with my ex companion Elder Burke (noooo)
  • Transfers are coming this week, which will definitely mean craziness and could mean some changes in the office (we´ll see if a new financiero comes)

On wednesday, I went to a different area with another district leader on divisions to help out some people in our district. It was an AWESOME day! It showed me so much that our faith is our only boundary, and when we do what the Lord asks us and look forward with faith, he ALWAYS blesses us. We set a goal to find 10 people who were willing to get baptized en 4 hours, and we went crazy, talking to everyone, knocking doors, teaching and testifying and just smiling and loving people. It was amazing for me because as we desired our goal so much, we were able to acheive wonderful things. We found 7 people who agreed to baptism the 31 of May, and more than anything I felt the love of God for those people as I talked with them. Let us have the FAITH to allow miracles to happen, as the only thing that prevents miracles is unbelief.

Mom, as for your questions, here goes:

  • Missionary work has strengthened me the most by teaching me to rely on the Savior and His gospel. Through faith in Christ, repentance through his atoning sacrifice, sacred covenants, and perseverance, I have learned how to obtain eternal life. Everything else revolves around that.
  • I deal with hard discouraging days with prayer and a smile! I´ve learned that 80% of the time it is ourselves that are hard and discouraging, and only 20% external circumstances. If we do our part with the 80% we have control over, and rely on the Lord for the rest, 20% becomes really really small. REALLY small.
  • Not really. When you´re focused, you´re happy, so I try to keep focused. I just get happy sharing the joy of eternal families with everyone else instead of getting sad that I´m away from my eternal family for a couple years.
  • In the office, I´m in charge of paying for anything and everything that the mission spends. I go to the bank a LOT and keep record of all the things we spend. Also I send reimbursements to the missionary´s cards for things they have to buy, and I keep record of the funds we send to different zones for travel. It´s been really crazy but it´s a huge blessing, because it´s taught me to rely on the Lord instead of on myself, and to destress spiritually instead of physically (i.e. music, sports, relaxing, etc.)

I hope that´s enough mom! I love you all so much! Keep being amazing!

Elder Hoffman

Yamalís baptism, (mariolquis is her sister, they both have two kids)
ASADO! Hno Roberto Sandoval (there´s brothers in the ward, they´re both awesome and they´re both sandoval, his family is one of the two in the baptism pic. Sister Hadley is in the baptism pic as well, she´s in my district! Turns out shes friends with Kevin Hill´s daughter. Small world, eh?)

IMG_0495 IMG_0497 IMG_0506

picture looking up the road (towards the villas) and picture looking down the road (towards the city)


our house with the Ford Ranger, Baptism of Martin and Maria (been ahwile, they went to the temple a couple of weeks ago!) Presidentes birhtday (we bought him an ARgentine cake) Elder Isom, Elder Pliler, Presidente, Elder Dávalos, Elder Aragón, me, Elder González



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