Argentina – Week 29

Dearest everyone,

This week was super awesome! Elder González and I had an excelent week together, and turns out it was our last one! We got transfer news on Friday, and the entire office is going to train reimplacements. My new financiero companion is Elder Laws, from California/Utah (military family). He got here at 7 in the morning and we´ve been working all day with transfers. I have 3 weeks to train him on everything financiero and then I´m outta here. I’ll hit my year mark right after I leave from the office. It´s SUPER crazy that I´m already halfway through my mission. I don´t like thinking about it, I just wanna stay here forever. I´m super excited because Elder Perez is the new assistent now that Elder Pliler leaves tomorrow. He was my Zone Leader for 6 months, and he´s pretty much taught me everything about being a good missionary. (Pic of him and E Dávalos, also of me and Elder Laws).

IMG_0579 IMG_0585 IMG_0587

Gloria is doing really well, excited to get baptized on the 31 of May. She´s super awesome, and we´re going to see if we can´t start teaching her kids/grankids as well.

Other new missionaries in the office are Elder Smuin, Elder Paskett, and Elder Cruz. Elder Gonzaléz will be here training until wednesday, and then he leaves to an area pretty close to here in the same zone. After three weeks, Elder Isom, Elder Aragón, and I will find out where we going with what companions and we´ll leave.

Here´s mom´s questions:

1- what in your room inspires you and strengthens you the most? (we shared things today in sunday school items in our homes that remind us of our covenants and inspire us to keep them.)

My scriptures! the scriptures have become absolutely one hundred percent sacred to me, and I will always have them at my bedside, on my desk, in my bag, whatever, but I LOVE the scriptures.

2- what has been your most effective teaching tool?

The spirit. There´s a whole lot of teaching tools, but none of them do any good unless the spirit is there teaching the hearts of the people. I´ve come to learn that true knowledge comes by and through the spirit ONLY.

3- What best seems to get people to open their hearts and listen to you?

A HUGE SMILE! The love of christ that emanates from us when we are in his service and when we love the people.

4- What is your favorite part of working in the office?

Being close to my mission president and learning to manage “normal life” and going around talking to people about jesus all afternoon.

5- What is your favorite thing about Elder Gonzalez?

He´s super good at loving the people and helping them to progress by loving encouragement. He´s a champion!

6- What are you MOST EXCITED about this week?

To teach Elder Laws the strings and find people to baptize! WOOO!

Love you all family! Thanks for your constant support and love, you help keep me strong.

Un abrazo gigante,
Elder Hoffman



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