Argentina – Week 30

Querida Familia,
Esta semana fue una semana de milagros. Elder Smuin y Elder Laws son misioneros excelentes. Elder Laws me ha mostrado un amor impresionante por las personas, y tiene una capacidad increíble de enseñar. Tiene su mente alineada con la de Dios, es humilde, está animado y enfocado y obediente. Elder Smuin es igual, muy enfocado con un fuego por la obra misional. Estoy muy contento con la manera en la cual la oficina está yendo.
El jueves, Elder Laws y yo fuimos a trabajar con toda la fe en el mundo para lograr nuestras metas. Empezamos a hablar con todos, a tocar puertas, y todo, pero no pudimos encontrar a nadie. Paramos en la calle y oramos, y directamente después encontramos una chica que aceptó una fecha bautismal. Paramos para agradecer a Dios, y le pedimos otra vez por su guía y instrucción en encontrar los escogidos. Pasaron unos niños llevando una garrafa de gas, y le ayudamos hacia su casa, donde nos encontramos con el papa de ellos. Hablamos con ese hombre, y nos dijo que su esposa recién le abandonó, y que no quería nada que ver con Dios ni religión. Le empezamos a enseñar igual, y le explicamos del bautismo y la expiación de Jesucristo que nos hace posible a poder superar los desafíos tan difíciles de esta vida. Su corazón ablandó muchísimo, y dijo que podíamos pasar otra vez para ayudarle y explicarle más cosas. Fue un milagro muy grande, y una vez más paramos en la calle y oramos a Dios para agradecerle y pedir su guía constante. Eran las 8:45, y no habíamos logrado nuestras metas todavía, pero fuimos sabiendo que Dios nos iba a ayudar. La próxima esquina que pasamos, habían dos hombres que estaban afuera de un kiosco. Les saludamos, y empezamos a explicarles la doctrina de Cristo. Al hablar de Jesucristo y su maravillosa expiación, la familia de Víctor (uno de ellos) empezó a salir afuera para escuchar. En el final de la noche, enseñamos una lección completa afuera a Víctor, Susana, Alejandra, Facundo, y Cesar. Fue una experiencia absolutamente maravillosa. Lo mejor fue el día siguiente, cuando anduvimos con Elder Smuin también y encontramos otra vez los escogidos del Señor. Estoy tan agradecido por estar aquí en la misión, y por la oportunidad que tengo de ser un siervo en el ejército de Dios. Sé que Dios es el maestro de esta obra, y cuando nos humillamos y humildemente seguimos su camino, siempre ayudaremos a los que nos necesitan más.
Hermana Gloria vino a la iglesia ayer, y se va a bautizar el 7 de Junio. Es tan maravilloso ver el cambio en los rostros de las personas al aceptar en evangelio de Jesucristo. Ella ha cambiado muchísimo, y tiene una luz tan diferente que la que tenía hace 3 semanas. Es un cambio que se puede esperar cada vez que las personas empiezan a tener fe en Jesucristo, arrepentirse, y bautizarse.

Dear Family,

This week was a week of miracles. Elder Smuin and Elder Laws are great missionaries. Elder Laws has shown me an amazing love for people , and has an amazing ability to teach . His mind is aligned with God´s, he is always cheerful and excited to help people and focused and obedient. Elder Smuin is the same, very focused with a fire for missionary work. I´m sad to be leaving the office and my area in Villa Mitre Alto, but I´m happy with the way it´s headed.

On Thursday Elder Laws and I went to work with all the faith in the world to achieve our goals. We started talking with everyone, knocking on doors , and all, but we could not find anyone. We stopped on the street to pray , and direcetly afterward found a girl who accepted a baptismal date . We stopped to thank God , and asked again for his guidance and instruction to find the elect. Some kids passed by almost right afterward carrying a gas cylinder , and we helped them carry it to their house, where we met their father. We spoke to the man , and he said that his wife just left him , and he wanted nothing to do with God or religion. We just started teaching , and explained that baptism and the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible to overcome the challenges of this life that can be so difficult . His heart softened much, and said we could go again to help and explain more. It was a big miracle, and once again stopped in the street and pray to God to thank him and ask for his constant guidance . It was 8:45 , and we had not achieved our goals yet , but we knew that God was going to help us. The next corner we saw two men outside one of the little stores that are on every street here. We stopped and began talking with them, and began to explain the doctrine of Christ . Speaking of Jesus Christ and his wonderful atonement , the family of Victor (one of the two men) began to appear outside to listen . At the end of the night , we taught a complete lesson outside to Victor (dad), Suzanne (mom), Alejandra (daughter), Facundo (son) , and Cesar (amigo). It was an absolutely wonderful experience. The best thing was the next day when we were with Elder Smuin also and found again the Lord’s chosen after having humbly asked for the Lord´s guidance. We were able to serve another family, this time Daniel, Vanesa, and Darina. I am so grateful to be here at the mission, and for the opportunity that I have to be a servant in God’s army . I know that God is the master of this work, and when we humble ourselves and humbly follow his path , he will always help us to find those who need us most .

Sister Gloria came to church yesterday and is getting baptized on June 7 . It’s so wonderful to see the change in the faces of people to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has changed a lot , and has such a different light than it did three weeks ago. It is a change that can be expected whenever people begin to have faith in Jesus Christ , repent , and be baptized.

Elder Laws is from a military family, so he´s lived in lots of places, and he left for his mission from Ventura, California. His family is living in Utah right now, and he is very musical. We have a ton in common and we´re already best friends. His the only boy in his family as well (3 sisters), and he loves playing piano. He´s doing an EXCELLENT job as a finance secretary, better than I ever did! (WOOO for progress!). He waited for his visa for 6 months in the Provo mission. Elder Smuin is super awesome as well, he´s from Vernal Utah. He has been in my zone for 6 months, so I already knew him. He´s the new materials manager. He´s had really bad headaches for 4-5 months, so his here to recuperate a little. I´m super grateful for them both, and just sad I only have 2 more weeks with them.

I have been thinking a lot this week about consagration, and what Christ requires of us. As it says in D&C 58:27, we must be anxiously (desires) engaged (fully involved, or consecrated) in a good cause, and do many things of our own free will (without having to be asked, the extra mile). It is very interesting that this scriptures speaks about free will and anxiety (or desires), because consagration does not serve us if it is not done with a willing heart. God gave us our agency to act, to feel, to think, and to create. Just as the widows mite, it is not necesarrily a measurement according to the world, by quantity or size, but a measurement according to God by which our offerings and sacrifices to God will be measured. Our reward lies in the desires of our heart and the actions that spring from a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and a soul thoroghouly converted to the Gospel of Christ. I can promise anyone that if they follow God´s command to love him with all our heart, and love our neighbors as ourselves, and to sell “all we have” and follow Christ with a divine measurement of consagration in our hearts, we will obtain the only lasting reward, that of eternal life.

I love you all so much! Thank you for your constant support and love. I promise that now that I´m headed out of the office I will be much better in writing letters and responding to letters I recieve. Thank you all for you patience with me and the many examples you have shown me that have helped me to get to where I am in life.

Por amor a Sión, no callaré!

Elder Hoffman


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