Argentina – Week 33

Querida Familia,
En mi misión, me he dado cuenta que Dios nos da desafíos para que podamos ser más fuertes, y para que podamos aprender. Me sentí que Millamapu va a ser así. El domingo en la rama tuvimos 18 miembros en la capilla, y sentí mucha tristeza porque el área es buenísima, los miembros son excelentes, y la capilla es nueva y linda y hay mucha potencial. No fueron ninguno de nuestros investigadores, y sentí el dolor en el sentido que hay tantas personas acá que necesitan el evangelio, pero no saben donde hallarlo. Estuve pensando y orando y hablando con mi compañero, y pude entender y ver una visión maravillosa por esta área. Espero estar aquí un buen rato, para poder ayudar a este lugar a florecer, y realmente servirle. Amo muchísimo a Millamapu, y sentí y vi que es posible cambiarlo de una rama pequeña a un barrio grande. Elder Orme y yo sentimos que tenemos que tener una fe inmensa, un trabajo inmenso, y una dedicación especial para poder lograr la visión que el Señor tiene por este lugar. Sé que se puede. Tenemos muchas herramientas excelentes, inclusive los miembros acá, el poder de Dios, y mi compañero es buenísimo. Estoy muy animado para ver la mano de Dios trabajar con nosotros aquí. Sabemos que no será fácil, y que realmente será un desafío, pero a la vez sabemos que Dios nos da desafíos para que podamos crecer. Así me siento, y sé que este lugar va a ser un lugar sagrado por mi, y que voy a ver mucho crecimiento en mi mismo y en los demás aquí. Estamos ayunando para que esta rama pueda tener la misma visión, y para que nosotros podamos hacer todo lo imposible para ser herramientas en las manos de Dios en obrando milagros. Me siento muy emocionado por lo que está por venir.
Hemos encontrado muchas personas muy buenas esta semana, y estamos muy animados por la familia Heiland. Ellos son buenísimos. Lamentablemente no llegaron a la capilla como hicieron la semana pasada, pero pudimos enseñarles y ayudarles a entender más del Evangelio de Jesucristo. Quieren estar muy seguros antes de bautizarse, y le desafiamos a prepararse por una fecha pero dijeron que es muy rápido. En esta semana vamos a ayudarles a entender porque es tan importante, y así llegarán a ser una familia eterna. Son muy argentinos, y tienen una familia muy fuerte. La verdad que he llegado a amar tanto a los argentinos y la cultura de Argentina. Estoy muy animado para ver los bautismos de esta familia tan linda y saber que ellos van a poder ser una familia eterna.

Elder Orme and I
Dear Family,

On my mission, I realized that God gives us challenges so we can be stronger, and so we can learn. I felt that Millamapu is going to be one of those challenges. On Sunday the branch had 18 members in the chapel, and I felt very sad because the area is lovely, the members are excellent, and the chapel is new and beautiful and there is much potential. None of our investigators showed up to church, and Elder Orme and I felt the pain in the sense that there are many people here who need the gospel, but do not know where to find it. I was thinking and praying and talking with my companion, and I could understand and see a wonderful vision for this area. I hope to be here a while, to help this site flourish, and really serve. I absolutely already love Millamapu very much, and I felt and saw that it is possible to change from a small branch to a large ward. Elder Orme and I feel we have to have a great faith, an immense work, and a special dedication to achieve the vision that the Lord has for this place. I know that it`s possible. We have many great tools, including members here, the power of God, and my companion is great. I am very encouraged to see the hand of God working with us here. We know it will not be easy, and it will really be a challenge, yet we know that God gives us challenges that we can grow. So I feel, and I know this place is going to be a sacred place for me, and I’ll see much growth in myself and others here. We are fasting for this branch so that they might be able to have the same vision, and for us to do everything possible to be tools in the hands of God working miracles. I am very excited about what is yet to come.

We found a lot of great people this week, and we are very excited for the Heiland family. They are AWESOME! They`ll definitely get baptized and make it to the temple. They`re one of the first solid families that I`ve been able to teach here in Argentina, they`re married, they have a stable life, and they believe strongly in God and in the family. Lorenzo is straight up Argentina, and his wife Erica is from Peru but has an accent and attitude more Argentine than her husband. They have three kids, Celeste (16), Dana (10), and Josias (5). Unfortunately they did not get to the chapel as they did last week, but we could teach them and help them understand more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lorenzo is very interested and listens to the lessons and makes awesome questions, but he doesn`t want to go to church because he had a bad experience with an Evangelical church 20 years ago. They want to be very sure before baptism, and we challenged them to prepare for a date but said it is very fast. This week we will help them understand why it is important, and they start their path to become an eternal family. They are very Argentine, and have a very strong family. The truth is that I have come to love both the Argentine and culture of Argentina. I am very excited to see them dressed in white making a sacred promise with God!!! WHOOOO!!

My companion is from Texas, but lived in Mexico for 2 years, and.. .PITTSBURGH for 5 years. He speaks excellent spanish, and hes super awesome! His parents both served missions en south america, as well as his twin older brothers, so the whole family speaks spanish. I`m living with Elder Gonzalez and Elder Mccord which is super awesome. Elder Mccord, Elder Orme and I all started on June 19, so this week we have an asado planned for lunch when we complete one year. (:

Sorry for the lack of pics, this computers are super bad and my camera is dead. Next week I`ll send some, I promise! hehe…

Love you tons! Remember that the Savior suffered and gave his life so that we could return to live with God again as a family. All that we have to do is worth it and possible thanks to Him.

Elder Hoffman


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