Argentina – Week 36

Querida Familia,
¡Amo a las familias! Esta semana fue buenísima porque la familia Heiland progresó mucho. Son muy buenos ellos. Erica está aprendiendo mucho y ha cambiado un montón. Ella dijo ayer en la iglesia que se siente que las cosas que está aprendiendo son verdaderas porque cada vez que aprende, se siente una paz muy grande. Fueron Erica y sus tres hijos a la iglesia este domingo, y les encantó. Después del servicio les mostramos la pila bautismal, y leímos Mosías 18 del convenio bautismal. Dijeron que van a esforzarse para bautizarse el 20 de este mes. Fue algo tan lindo para ver los cambios en una familia entera. Celeste dijo, “tenemos que sellarnos como familia después del bautismo”, y Dana, la que tiene 9 años estaba muy entusiasmada después de la iglesia. Sé que la familia es eterna, y por eso el evangelio es tan importante. Tengo la vista fijada en las familias ahora, ya que el gozo de ver una familia entrar en las aguas del bautismo es lo mas que hay. Vamos a esforzarnos al máximo para ayudar a todas las familias a poder conocer la felicidad que es el evangelio. Realmente sé que este evangelio es la manera de encontrar la felicidad. Testifico de eso a todas las personas en la calle, en sus casas, en todos lados porque me hace muy feliz. Sé que Dios tiene un plan perfecto para que podamos ser perfectos como él.
Esta semana empecé un estudio del Libro de Mormón, estudiando cada capitulo en mucha detalle y aplicando las enseñanzas a mi propia vida como persona y misionero. Estudié los primeros cuatro capítulos, y aprendí un montón de cosas. Me encantó que en capítulo uno, Lehi “mientras iba en su camino, oró con todo su corazón, a favor de su pueblo.” Decidí que para mejor saber como socorrer a las personas de mi área, voy a orar por ellas mientras voy en mi camino, en la calle, en casas, en cualquier lado, con todo mi corazón. La instrucción que recibió Lehi fue profundo y fue la manera que recibió la revelación de salir de Jerusalen con su familia, porque oró con todo su corazón. En estos cuatro capítulos habla mucho del corazón. Habla de los corazones de Lamán y Lemuel, que eran duros, y el corazón de Nefi, que el Señor enterneció para que pudiera entender el camino de Él. Sé que cuando nuestros corazones son humildes y contritos, realmente conseguiremos la ayuda de Dios en cada paso de nuestras vidas. Me encantó esa parte en especial, cuando Nefi habla de la tierra prometida: “Mas he aquí, Lamán y Lemuel no quisieron escuchar mis palabras; por lo que, afligido por la dureza de sus corazones, rogué al Señor por ellos. Y aconteció que el Señor me habló, diciendo: Bendito eres tú, Nefi, a causa de tu fe, porque me has buscado diligentemente con humildad de corazón. Y según guardéis mis mandamientos, prosperaréis y seréis conducidos a una tierra de promisión, sí, a una tierra que yo he preparado para vosotros, una tierra escogida sobre todas las demás.” Realmente sé que es así. Dios nos lleva a tierras escogidas sobre todas las demás cuando guardamos sus mandamientos. Tengo un testimonio muy firme de eso, ya que lo he visto tantas veces en mi propia vida y en la vida de mi familia. Estoy tan agradecido por la mano de Dios en esta obra y en mi vida. Sé que Dios nos ama y que el evangelio de su hijo Jesucristo es el camino a la salvación.

Un abrazo,
Elder Hoffman

Dearest family,

I love families! This week was AWESOME because the Heiland family progressed a ton. They are super amazing people, I can´t wait to see them in white! Erica is learning a lot and changing a lot. She said yesterday that she feels that the things she is learning are true because every time she learns, she feels a great peace. Erica and her three children went to church on Sunday, and they loved it. Wooo for the Holy Ghost! After the service we showed the baptismal font, and read Mosiah 18 of the baptismal covenant. They said they will strive to be baptized the 20th of this month. It was so special to see the changes in an entire family. Celeste (17) said, “we have to be sealed as a family after the baptism,” and Dana, which is 9 years old was very excited after church. I know the family is eternal, and becauseof that the gospel is so important. We showed them the church magazine of temples, and the look on their faces as we explained and testified of the power and authority to seal on earth and in heaven was incredible. I have a fixed view on families now, as the joy of seeing a family enter the waters of baptism is more than ANY other joy (apart from your own eternal family). We will do our best to help all families to know the joy that is the gospel. I truly know this gospel is the way to find happiness. I testify that to all the people on the street, in their homes, EVERYWHERE because it makes me very happy. I know God has a perfect plan for us to be perfect like him.

This week has had a lot of rain. It´s really cold here, but it doesn´t ever LOOK cold, is the problem. There´s been a TON of fuss from the World Cup, but we´ve managed to keep chugging along even when Argentina turns desolate for 3-4 hours and there isn´t ANYONE outside. It was super funny on Saturday (i think?), because it was raining a ton during the siesta, and the game of Argentina was on at 1. We ate in our apartment, and when we went outside is was as if we were in a ghost town. Not a single soul. Even the dogs were watching the game, haha. (: When the game finished, we knew it because their was a HUGE noise and every house exploded with screams and horns and suddenly the streets filled again. I hate to say it, but I hope Argentina loses just so we don´t keep losing precious hours of contacting time. It´s almost imposible to find anyone during an Argentina game. But, the work will go on!

This week I began a study of the Book of Mormon, studying each chapter in much detail and applying the lessons to my own life as a person and missionary. I studied the first four chapters, and I learned a lot of things. I loved that in chapter one, Lehi “as he went on his way, he prayed with all his heart, in behalf of his people.” I decided that to better know how to help people in my area, I will pray for them while I’m in on my way on the street, in homes, anywhere, with all my heart. The instructioin that Lehi received was profound and was received because of his prayer and diligence to the commandments of God. Later he recieved revelation with respect to leaving Jerusalem with his family, because he was true to the previous instruction and because he prayed with all his heart. In these four chapters it talks a lot of hearts. It speaks of the hearts of Laman and Lemuel, which were hard, and the heart of Nephi, which the Lord softened so he could understand the way God had prepared for him. I know that when our hearts are humble and contrite, we really get help from God in every step of our lives. I loved that part especially when Nephi speaks of the promised land: “But behold, Laman and Lemuel refused to hear my words; so distressed by the hardness of their hearts, I begged the Lord for them. And it came to pass that the Lord spake unto me, saying: Blessed art thou, Nephi, because of thy faith, for thou hast sought me diligently, with lowliness of heart. And as ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall prosper and you will be led to a land of promise, yes, even a land which I have prepared for you, a land choice above all others. ” I testify of this. God leads us to lands chosen above all others when we keep His commandments. I have a very strong testimony of that, since I have seen so many times in my own life and the lives of my family. I am so grateful for God’s hand in this work and in my life. I know that God loves us and that the gospel of his Son Jesus Christ is the way to salvation.

Elder Hoffman

Heres twins and a cute little girl from Villa Mitre Alto, Victoria y Magalí. (twins)



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