Argentina – Week 49

Dearest Family,

   This conference was AWESOME! I loved being here in Argentina, because the church has become so very global. It was very cool to watch the conference in Spanish for the first time, and hear native spanish speakers give powerful talks in their native languages. I especially loved the talk by Elder Gavarret. He´s Uruguayo, the accent is close to the Porteño accent here in the gran misión Bahía Blanca. It was also very neat to hear the talk by Cheryl Esplin. It was a powerful reminder of the Atonemente of Jesus Christ and the reason we go to church. The translator almost couldn´t finish the talk because she began to cry as Sister Esplin testified of the purifying power of the Atonement. Another cool highlight was the talk of Richard G. Scott, who served his mission in Uruguay. For those of you who don´t know, Elder Scott has a very meticulous form of preparing his talks, he records his voice over and over again practicing to not only get the right words, but the right pronounciation and intonation to transmit the message that he has been inspired to give. He makes his own translations to spanish, and instead of a live translator, he records in his own voice his translation into spanish so that it has the same intonation and feeling that he gives it. He speaks very well!
   As far as the content, a few things stuck out to me:
  • Many speakers spoke on the importance of the sacrament. I feel that the Lord is imploring us to understand and feel the importance of this sacred ordinance and treat it with due reverance. It is the only ordinance of the gospel that is repeated weekly, which gives sacrament meeting highest priority over any other meeting in the entire church!
  • Many speakers spoke on the importance of following the prophet. It may be hard at times because of our pride, personal opiniones, or the opiniones of the world, but as long as we have a strong personal testimony that Thomas Spencer Monson truly is a prophet of God who leads us under the direction of God himself, we can trust and follow him in all that he says.
  • There was a large focus in the act of LIVING the gospel, not just knowing it. Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing that we live the fulness of the gospel just because we know the fulness of the gospel. The gospel is ACTION, and until we learn how to truly increase our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repente of our sins and change, and renew our baptismal covenantes weekly through the sacramente, we can never become who God wants us to be.
   It was awesome to see Marta y Mariano in the conference, Marta was absolutely thrilled by the words of the prophet, and said that she felt that we have to be obediente, that is what she learned. I absolutely love seeing the changes in the lives of those who truly live the Gospel. I feel that the greatest miracles of my mission have been those of conversion to the Lord and the changes that Christ can make in every one of us if we only come unto him.
   I love you all so much family! Thank you for your constant support and love.
Un abrazote,
Elder Hoffman
I made 2 angel food cakes last night, one for our apartment and one for the zone. Thanks a billion for sending the mix! It was wonderful to have a taste of home. (:
IMG_0117 IMG_0119 IMG_0120

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