Argentina – Week 59

Dearest Family,

This week has been a week of a lot of deep thought for me, as I have been studying the 4 gospel in preparation for this Christmas season. I can tell every one of you with the most absolute surety that Jesus was and is the Savior of the World. In this beautiful Christmas season, I hope we can all remember the real meaning of Christmas. I love being a missionary at Christmas! It has taken on a much grander and heartfelt feeling for me. Here in Mar del Plata there´s not much of the traditional Northern christmas spirit. The sun is shining, all the kids are taking final exams and getting ready for summer vacation, there are more asados than ever, and the city is beginning to be flooded by tourists who come to stay the summer. Although pan dulce and turrónes are starting to show up in the stores, and there are some christmas decorations and lights popping up on the houses, it´s very small in comparison with the hustle and bustle and smells and the snow and the trees and the lights and EVERYTHING christmas back home, but the truth is that this December has become something incredibly special for me. Without all the traditions of home and the seemingly always present novelties of Christmas, I`ve been able to focus my thoughts and feelings on the little babe, wrapped in swadling clothes, laying in a manger. Over 2 thousand years ago, in the meridian of time, our salvation, the very hope of the world was born. How very grateful I am for God´s incredible plan for us, and for the love he had for us to send us His son. In the Christmas conference we had with Presidente Parreño this past week, he spoke of the condescension of God as it is explained in 1 Nephi 11. He explained that Christ condescended from his guaranteed salvation and place at the right hand of God as his firstborn son to risk it all so that we might have the possibility to be saved. The spirit of Christ is so powerfull that it can change the cruelest war to an incredible act of love and peace. In 1914, in the middle of the first world war, the soldiers incredibley held a day of peace in which Germany, the United States, and other rival nations stopped the war to exchange gifts, play soccer, and take pictures together. If the spirit of Christmas has the power to stop world war 1, how can it not have the power to stop wars between families, friends, neighbors, religions, etc. I hope we may all think of the real reason for the season. Lots of love to all! Here is an incredible video showing the real meaning of this special time of year.

Que tengan una navidad sagrada,
Elder Hoffman

*Last week’s letter – Week 58: “Theres a holiday today and before I could write this place said we had to leave because their closing, so sorry! I`ll write more next week!”

Foto de la zona

IMG_0320 IMG_0321 IMG_0322


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