Argentina – Week 61

Dearest Family,

Well, it´s been a very interesting week. Sunday before church they told us that we were going to be heading off to Bahia Blanca right after lunch for a leadership conference. We got on the bus at 3, and got to Bahia about 8 hours later. I saw Elder Bates! I hope we end up in the same zone again, he was a great companion. Elder Staples is also now in our zone, along with a lot of other awesome missionaries. The conference was awesome, Presidente Parreño taught us about two types of people; those that look for miracles and those that provoke miracles. All of us are always looking for miracles, perhaps pessimisticaly or with little faith, or perhaps with more faith in an optimistic way. But PROVOCERS of miracles ACT and miracles happen. David Bednar said that “A miracle is a natural result of a true principle correctly applied.” For example, in Mark 2, we read about the paralitico who was lifted by his friends into the house where Christ was teaching. It states in the chapter that Jesus was able to forgive and heal the paralyzed man thanks to the faith of THEM (friends and family who broke the roof and brought their friend to Christ). We can also choose if we are going to provoke miracles or simply look for them. Presidente also shared the story with an issue of blood in Mark 5, when she touched the mantle of the Lord and was healed. Christ was not expecting to do a miracle in either situation, but thanks to the great faith of the miracle provocers, incredible things came to pass. This year will bring many amazing and terrible and wonderful things, like every year, but the most important thing of all that it will bring are 365 opportunities. Every day gives us the opportunity to decide if we will act or be acted upon, if we will search for miracles or PROVOKE them, if we will be found worthy to live with God again. I am so grateful to be a full time missionary of the Lord. I know that He lives and because of him, every day can be a blank page. I know that there are answers to all of our questions, and I have no doubts that God´s hand is completely engaged in the work of salvation. Today I was able to strengthen my testimony concerning the priesthood power of God. There is a sister in our zone who is a new missionary and is struggling with a few things. She asked her district leader for a blessing, and my companion, her district leader and his companion, and I gave her a blessing after our district meeting. I have never felt so strongly the presence of God, and I felt all of the love He has for all of his children as we blessed this new sister missionary. I felt that the words were from a father to his daughter, they werent the words of Elder Diaz. I know that God is constantly watching over us, and that we are NEVER alone. His power is real, His church has been restored, and His plan is perfect. For that I am forever grateful. Remember to never look back, but to always remember, and to live in the present, because it´s the best gift we´ve got. (hehe. (: )

Love you all a million! Thanks so much for the letter Maxwells and Grandma/Grandpa! I love to see the way that our family has prospered and grown so fast!

Con todo mi amor,
Elder Hoffman


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