Argentina – Week 65

Dearest Family,

Well, sadly my time in Mar del Plata is up. Thankfully I got out of there without being robbed once! (they tried one time, but God reminded the thugs that we were his, seriously, they said after starting to try to rob the member who was with us “Leave them alone, leave them alone, they´re God´s”. Now I`m in a super safe gorgeous area (don´t worry mom, hehe!) and I`m super excited to be here. My companion is Elder Kevin Sanchez, from Ecuador. He`s a convert of about 2 years, and hes a new missionary (He`s got about a month). Elder Watts from my MTC district had begun his training, and I`m replacing Elder Watts. Sounds like their are many wonderful investigadors here and members as well, I´m in a branch of about 50 of sunday attendance, the district has 4 branches and I think ours is the largest of the four.

Viedma is pretty far from Mar del Plata. I got on a bus yesterday at 3 and got here today at 8, but thankfully the second of the two buses we had to take had beds, so I got some good rest. I got to see Elder Bradford who´s headed to Bahía Blanca now, and a lot of good friends in Bahía Blanca, Elder Perez who´s going home now, and Elder Watts. Here there a lot of parrots, I´ve heard that in one area there are even penguins and whales next to the coast (Viedma is the most far south of the mission, in the tail. I´m super excited for this area, it already looks great and I know that we will have miracles here! I love you all so much, thank you for all you do and especially for your words. More next week! Pray for Manuel, he´s going to be baptized here on Saturday.


All mi amor,
Elder Hoffman

Transfers! ): This statue is the famous Monolito (monolith) for which my old area was named. I love the statue, it makes me think of the hand of God reaching down to lift us up when we fall. Maria at church yesterday! (SUPER miracle, she said she wants to be baptized next week, so sad I won´t be there), A mural of a Gaucho drinking mate

IMG_0493 IMG_0495 IMG_0509 IMG_0515 IMG_0517 IMG_0518


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