Argentina – Week 66

Dearest Family,

Well, I´m basically loving patagonia. Viedma is a beautiful little city on the coast of the Río Negro, which is also a beautiful river. I´ve gone running in the mornings a couple times this week early along the banks of the river, there´s an awesome sidewalk and we get there just in time to see the sun rising and reflecting over the water. Next week I´ll send pictures, I didn´t get around to taking any this week.

My companion is super awesome! He got baptized about 2 years ago, and he´s a genius. He´s only been here about a month or two, but he teaches extremely well and understands a lot about missionary work. He´s from El Guaba, Ecuador.

I´m living in the nicest apartment I´ve had up until now, it´s LEGIT. Everythings super peaceful and quiet, and although it´s been pretty humid and hot, there´s always a nice breeze. The church is small but strong here, there are two branches in the city, and the district is 4 branches, one in a little city about 2 hours away and the other on the other side of the river (about 15 minutes). We´ve got about 50 active members, and lots of inactives, but the work has been groing a ton here. In the last few months there has been a lot of growth, and the people who have been baptized are super awesome. We´ve got a few investigadores really close to being baptized, and others as well who are super awesome.

A cool experience we had this week was a lesson with Alejandra, the mom of a returned missionary, Sebastian. Sebastian got back from Brazil (same mission as Levi, but después changed when the mission split) about 2 months ago. He got baptized about 4 or 5 years ago, and up till now is the only member in his family. Now his mom is going to church with us and taking the lessons. On Friday we taught the Restoration of the Gospel, which was an incredible lesson. We talked about prophets, about the church that Christ established and it´s fall, and later the restoration of prophets, apostoles, the authority of God and His power to act in His name; the restoration of His Church. Sebastian shared his story, he heard the first lesson, read from the book of mormon and knelt down pleading various times to know if it was true. He went to sleep, and had a dream that his grandfather gave him a tour of the church, and when he got to the sacrament hall, he felt peace and love and woke up crying. He knelt down to ask for a confirmation of his answer, and felt immediately that he needed to be baptized. His mom, Alejandra commited to be baptized and now we just need to wait for her nephew to born. Our other investigador Manuel as well is going to be baptized when he returns from Neuquen. I´m super excited for this transfer, I feel like it was VERY inspired and i know that the Lord´s hand guides this work.

I invite you all to read chapter 9 of Preach my Gospel. The gift of the gospel is the most precious thing we have, and the ways to share it are infinite, and the joy that comes from sharing it is incredible.

I leave you all with my testimony that the Lord hears and answers our prayers. This week I´ve been starting again my study of the Book of Mormon by chapter. In 1 Nefi 15, Nefi talks about why his brothers couldn´t recieve answers from God to be able to understand the prophecy of their father. Nephi explains that to recieve light and knowledge from God, it´s necesary to have a contrite heart, ask in faith, believing that we will recieve, and keeping the commandments that He has given us diligently. If we follow this model, it´s certain that the answers we look for will be manifested unto us.

I love you all so much family! Although we´re far away, the blessing of being a missionary is worth it. I´ve been able to change so very much, and I´m so grateful to see the change in others. I have no doubt that this is God´s work, and His divine hand guides it.

Elder Hoffman


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