Argentina – Week 84

Dearest family,

We had some amazing milagros this week! When we got here to Bolívar I immediately fell in love. This city is beautiful, it´s a lot more well kept and clean than the other places I´ve seen here. It´s a small city about 4 hours away from Buenos Aires. Population of about 36,000 people, and 16 by 16 blocks. It´s doesn´t feel quite that small, it´s got a nice center area and beautiful avenues with lines of gorgeous palm trees in the middle. Our apartment is two blocks away from the cute little church house where the branch meets, and it´s very safe and relaxed here. The only thing is that it literally turns into zombie land during the siesta from 2 to 5, but we´ve still been able to find some awesome people during that time, so all´s well.

My companion is AWESOME, he´s got a great attitude and he´s super focused and fun to be around. I love the paraguayan accent, it´s a sing songy quick bouncy kind of accent, kind of like a parrot trilling and singing but obviously not that shrill. We get along really well and so far had a great time together.

So when we got here on Tuesday, we went by all the investigadores to get to know them. One of them is Milagros, a 15 year old girl who´s been investigating for about 3 months. She´s been about to get baptized two or three times, but every time things fell through at the last minute. When we began to talk to here, I asked her about her testimony, and it was incredible. She´s come to feel very strongly that this is the path she needs to take, and wanted so much to be baptized. So, we invited her to be baptized on Saturday. She agreed, and we started getting everything prepared. On Friday we had a lesson with her and the member family that introduced her to the church, and we finished ironing out all the details. Everything turned out perfect for her baptism on Saturday, although she showed up late because her parents were putting up some last minute doubts, but her friend Micaela and her parents also came to the baptism and loved it. It was an awesome service, and I felt so strongly the spirit as she got baptized in the tiny little makeshift pool font. Afterwards, she was talking to us and said, “My dad doesn´t want me to be a missionary, but I´m going SI o SI”. It was awesome. On Sunday in the class we taught to the branch youth, she was asking more about the temple and said that her next goal is to go. I know that the Lord puts miracles (or Milagros) in our path when we seek to be instruments in His hands. I love Bolívar!

Elder Hoffman


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