Argentina – Week 86

Dearest family,

This week has been absolutely AMAZING! I´m so grateful I got transferred here at this time! To make a long story short, the district to which our little branch belongs became a Stake on Sunday. We went to an incredible conference which was assisted by Elder Viñas, Elder Salas, President and sister Parreño, and over 700 members from the new stake. It was awesome to see the dedication of the people here who have worked so hard so that this place could become another “stake in zion” and have all the blessings of a full fledged unit of the church. In the conference, there were two amazing subjects that touched me very deeply:

1. For the love of Zión – President talked about the reason that Isaiah preached and profesied about the gospel, which was for love. I´ve felt so deeply the power of our motto in the Argentina Bahía Blanca mission, that this work is done for love of our Savior and love of our neighbor.

2. Seek Him early – Elder Viñas talked about seeking the Lord early, that we should always seek him and go to him in prayer, in obedience, in love, and in humility. That way, when we truly pass through trials and hard times, we will have the confidence to go before Him and ask for His help. Let us not wait for the hard times to seek the Lord.

My times all up, but I want you all to know the God lives and loves every one of His children. He cares about each and every one, and that is why he gave us the incredible and infinite gift of His son. I love him, and I´m so very grateful for His sacrifice.

I love you all so much! Keep on keeping on in the work of the Lord!

Elder Hoffman


This is Presidente and Sister Parreños last week in the mission, so after the conference we had a quick goodbye conference. I´m so grateful for these two amazing people who have helped me so very much to know my Savior and to live His gospel. Pray a lot for them this week, it´s gotta be hard to be finishing a 3 year mission!



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